SITXMGT501 Establish And Conduct Business Relationships Assignment


This mandatory assessment task will be performed by individuals. For the purpose of this assessment task, you are role playing the ‘Sales & Marketing Executive’ at William Blue Resort (a fictional business), reporting to Belinda Townsend, Director of Sales & Marketing.

William Blue Resort has recently opened for business. Located at Airlie Beach, the gateway to the Whitsundays, Queensland, the resort provides a fully operational industry placement option for students of William Blue. Management of the resort are industry professionals from around the world.

The Sales & Marketing Executive at William Blue Resort has been tasked with negotiating and securing corporate events, targeting companies in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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The success of an event depends on many factors. This requires a careful planning of the project, which some tomes take a lot of time so that there will no trouble or any untoward incident during the event (Allen et al. 2005). Above all the factors one of the major component is communication. This requires consideration of all the partners who will help to carry out the event and to build an effective relationship with these partners. These also requires a number of factors, like who will draft the whole program, who are the service providers in this event, persons who will in charge of food and beverages, any permit or licenses that may be requires for the event, if there are arrangement for any entertainments, or any sports event or the requirement of any print media. All these may require a good planning with all the staffs and the volunteers who may help for the smooth functioning of the event (Downs et al. 2009).

Task 1
In this, present case study the Sales & Marketing Executive of the company William Blue Resort are to arrange for a 5 day sales conference with their client in their new opened resort at Airlie Beach for 40 people. The individual is responsible for negotiating, securing corporate events and targeting different companies in parts of Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. An initial meeting held at the client’s, McAdams & Clarke Pty Ltd, office on 10th April with the individual where the person has given a proposal to the client and negotiated with them to have the sales conference on November 2014.


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