SWOT Analysis Of Swinburne University Of Technology Aboard

Macro Environment: Implications for Swinburne University Of Technology Aboard. As discussed in the present section, the macro environmental factors of the foreign countries affect the organization, as well as the students owning the facilities. The growth rate of studying abroad is increasing from the last decade, especially from 2004. This facilitates in serving Swinburne to more students who belongs from several demographic origins. Simultaneously, serving with the revenues and profitability had increased the national GDP rate as well as the growth and extrapolation of Swinburne.

Swot Analysis Of Swinburne University Aboard

Macro Environment: Economic Factors Affecting Students

As discussed in the previous part of the study, other than the social or demographic factors, there are economic factors affecting the students for going abroad to studying. The previous section of this particular study had analyzed the GDP arte as one of the most important factors as that affects students to choose their nation to study. However, Ghosh et al. (2009) opined the other significant economic factors remain in this context are the economic and industrial growth, the governmental policies for employment and increase revenues and the inflation rate as these particulars presents the upcoming employability rate. Unemployment or the employability rate is one of the most attracting feature of national economy affecting the students and attracting them for studying.

Macro Environment: Natural Factors Affecting upon Swinburne

Natural or environmental factors of abroad nations affecting the students are not an abnormal issue. This simultaneously affects the organizations like Swinburne as well as they led the students to deliver in the foreign countries for studies. The research had opined that the national economics or the national infrastructure is to be affected by this. However, there remains another implication that states about the effects in Swinburne also.

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