Strategic Operational Issues & the problems Faced By Woolworth

Current research deals with the Strategic Operational Issues & the problems Faced By Woolworth, a major supermarket chain of Australia.

Introduction: Strategic issues are certain developments or trends that appear from the company’s internal or external situations and which are likely to affect the company in its working process. Strategic operations refer to the process an organization uses to allocate the resources in order to support the infrastructure and production. It is based on the overall business strategy of the organization and is designed to maximize the effectiveness of production and minimize cost (Davis, 2011).

Strategic Operational Issues & the problems Faced By Woolworth

The current research deals with the issues in the strategic operations faced by Woolworths, a major supermarket chain of Australia. Colloquially the company is known as Woolies and at present, they own around supermarket chain of Australia operating stores in Australia. The company was formed in the year 1924 under the name of Woolworth Bazaar Limited and had their first store at Sydney’s Pitt Street (, 2014).  The consumer interest grew after December 1924 as the store started selling a variety of goods and claiming the price to be the cheapest in the market. Their market strategies included the most efficient money back guarantee that attracted the customers and improved the quality of their service (, 2014).

The expansion began around 20 years after the store was set up as gradually they moved to the point of having a store in every part of Australia. They then expanded to the grocery range and selling a number of fresh fruits and vegetables. The company took over two Tasmanian grocery brands and the biggest takeover was that of Safeway Australia in 1985. The tagline of the company says “fresh food people” (, 2014). Woolworths began the campaigning for the same in the year 1987 and that existed until 2012 when the slogan was finally taken up as a subtitle and a new commercial line up was set up.  To have continuous customer approach Woolworths has a number of strategies in their pockets.

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