Strategic Marketing Detailed Industry Partner Black and Decker

Introduction: Strategic Marketing Industry Partner Black and Decker (B+D), an Australia based organization, but operates in other countries such as USA, Europe etc. The company wants to expand its current brand presence by elevating its current brand position. However, there are certain strategic issues faced by the company which makes it difficult to realize its current business objectives (Hoffmann, et al. 2006). Hence, the current report aims at developing an effective marketing plan that can be implemented in the coming 12-18 months. The marketing plan will be based on a critical analysis of current issues faced by the brand.

Industry Partner Black And Decker

Gradually, to achieve the alternatives in the present context, the learner had provided porters’ generic model and the blue ocean strategy as these two particular models will increase the rate of possible recommendation for developing the elevation of the brand of Black and Decker (B+D). Later on, with advent of the suggested recommendation there is presented an action plan for understating the implementation approach of the strategies.

Strategic issues

Townsend et al. (2009) opines that brand expansion is a core strategy of business organization while delivering services to all the stakeholders.  To discuss this part of the study, the learner had adopted the 5Cs of the organization that will facilitate in covering the further progressions in identifying the problem. The problem statement or the business issue in expanding the business and leveraging the brand success had issued by using SWOT analysis. The analysis will clarify the issues while providing a sustainable developmental objective for leveraging the brand (Mooradian et al. 2012).

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