Rio Tinto The British-Australian mining company in UK market

Introduction: Rio Tinto the British-Australian mining Company has great impact in the economy of UK sector. Being World’s first and leading mining sector, the mine corporation want to develop its strategic position in order to develop its business properly. Rio Tinto gains this position by supplying vast of ores in the market. It noticed by Brigham (2010) that the company has played its effective role in the development of the economic situation of UK market. Compared its position with Anglo American PLC (AAL), Rio Tinto has boost up its sell up to +2.52% and make improved the economy of Britain (Mozee, 2014).

According to Jennings (2011), the main strategy of this multinational mining corporation is to promote long term, expandable competitive strategy that will help the company to develop its business and sustain the leading position in world market. Despite of all these positivity’s, it reflected that now a day, the mining sector has faced some problems due to its environmental issue. Therefore, some strategy has developed for improving the future context of the country and also provides some recommendation to overcome these negative aspects properly.

History of Rio Tinto

The British-Australian mining company in UK market has founded in 1873 and now became the leader of the mining corporations in the world market. The main motive of this mining sector id to develop the growth of the ore bodies and therefore, they took all the necessary strategies in order to develop their business.

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