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Question:  Write a Research Project on IBIS Hotel Perth Room Division Department.

Answer: Introduction

IBIS Perth is three-star hotels based on Australia and this Research Project Help us to find out more about the hotel. It is situated in heart of Perth. Its’ geographic area is attracting as it is located 300 m from the Murray and Hey street shopping mall. This hotel is appropriate for both either formal work such as business deal, meeting, seminar etc or for leisure travel and spending time for relaxation. In addition the hotel provides three big meeting rooms and can provide catering system for at least 200 guests. There are 192 air conditioning room provides by the IBIS Perth hotel. The hotel as provides good restaurant and healthy, hygienic and clean food environment, similarly the hotel also provides Rubix bar for relax after busy schedule. This bar offers drinks as usual with meals. Apart from that this hotel provides round the clock room services and also 24 hours reception, parking services, effective security system, and fulfil more than basic requirements (http://www.accorhotels.com).

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Hotel type and size

This is generally a three star rating hotel. It possesses 192 air conditioning rooms. The rooms are standard rooms. Generally the room and provided services depends on hotel and its management, still the basic feature of IBIS Perth is that it provides all basic requirements and also more than basic requirements. Hotel type depends on its size, provided room and all other facilities, level of services, target market etc. As a three star hotel the IBIS Perth hotel provides all facilities such as provides clean and standard bedrooms. Although the hotel room size and hotel size depends on hoteliers and regulatory body still there are an average size observes in case of hotel rooms. The room size of hotel Perth is 300 to 400 square feet. And we are here to provide best Research Project Help to do my assignment in Australia Economics Assignment Help As an economical hotel the bed of the standard rooms also provides good bed and its size is 1.2m *2m. In case of Perth hotel as it is three star hotel so it provides some facilities those are not provided by the four star hotel (http://www.accorhotels.com). Being a three star hotel it has focused both objective and also subjective factors. The objective factors is provided services like Research Project Help and facilities for the guest and the subjective factor is quality of the provide services (Nusair, 2008). IBIS Hotel Perth located in the Perth West End, IBIS Perth sits just 300m from the Murray and Hay street shopping malls. The IBIS is the ultimate Perth hotel for either business or the leisure travel. The hotel bistro services great value meals daily and guest has to relax after a busy day at Rubix Bar, which offers meals and drinks and burst into life on the weekends with a real party atmosphere. The great value of standard room provides the customers a certain level of comfort and convenience in the heart of the Perth shopping precinct. This room is fully air conditioned. It offers in room movies and a cosy double bed. This room is allocated up to 2 adults. The great value standard room provides the clients with great comfort and convenience in the heart of the Perth. This room have full air condition. It provides in room movie service and this room has one double and one single bed. This room is available for three adults. The great value of the standard room gives the clients huge comfort and the convenience as per the heart of the Perth (Venkatesh et al. 2003). This room is fully air conditioned. This room have to offers in room movies and this room has tow cosy single beds. This type of room is available for maximum 2 adults. The speciality of this room is that the clients get free breakfast and the free online assignment writing service. This room is very stylish. In this Hotel, the effective features of this room is that every room has air-conditioning, crib in room, direct dial telephone, pay per view channel, WiFi in room, iron in every room, radio in room, satellite, high speed transmission line.

Guest mix/ segmentation and target market

The IBIS Perth hotel is based on Australia, as the Australia is developed country so most of the people able to afford three star hotel bills so that we can show in Research Project Help. Mainly the ibis Perth hotel target the middle class family, groups of friends who just want to spend their leisure time with little luxuriously they are the main target customers of the Perth hotel. Apart from that the hoteliers are segmenting the guest according to mainly based on demographic factor. As it is introduced as 100% non smoking hotel so children, aged people and also those people who do not like smoking and drinking those people are the target customers of the Perth hotel. Earlier discussed that it is three star hotels still it has provide three meeting room and provide all types of formal facilities. Therefore the hotel management can target those persons who are maintaining the business in overseas countries and also those persons who are connected with the organisation (Namkung, 2008). If the organisational management can acquire the customers who arrange the formal meetings, then they got chance for Research Project Help to arrange the formal business deal, seminar, business meetings and through that the organisational management gain the competitive advantage as business meetings, seminar, business deals give lots of customers through one or two customers.

Room Division organisation programme

The hotel IBIS Perth provides 192 fully air conditioned rooms. In Research Project Help as we mentioed, there are 4 types of room provided by the hotel; standard room with one double bed, standard room with one double and one single bed, with standard room with 2 single beds and superior room with one queen bed.

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Standard room with one double bed:-

The hotel IBIS Perth provides standard room and superior room according to our Research Project Help. Generally, standard rooms are cheaper than superior rooms. This hotel provides all types of facilities. In Perth hotel all rooms are air-conditioned. Being a three star hotel the hotel Perth provides those facilities those several four star hotel do not provide (Wang, 2007). This standard type rooms provides more than basic requirements such as in- room movies, comfortable bed for two adult people. The hotel is situated very near only 300 m from the Murray and Hey Street shopping mall.

Standard room with one double and one single bed:-

The standard room with one double and one single bed provide by the IBIS Assignment help Perth room. In this room 3 adult persons can stay very comfortably (Yoo, 2007). The hotel provides very effective and well trained employees so that they can give quick response on customers’ requirement and also customers’ complaint.

Standard room with 2 single beds and:-

The IBIS Perth hotel also provides standard room with two single beds. In this type of rooms 2 adult people can stay with great comfort. Moreover the organisation provides clean and hygienic bathrooms and clean bedrooms (Ismail, 2006). Apart from that the hotel provides 24 hours reception and room services for standard room also.

Superior room with one queen bed:-

The superior room of the Perth hotel provides one queen bed and all services provided for standard room. Apart from those the Perth hotel also provides free breakfast for the guest. In addition the hotel management assignment help also provides more than basic requirements those are internet accessing (Russel, 2005). Moreover the superior rooms are more stylist and better than standard rooms.

Every room of the IBIS Perth hotel provides good and clean and big room. In the room the basic requirements, as well as some special offers provided by the organisation such as telephone in the room, heating facilities in the bathroom, tissue paper, hair dryer, mirror in bedroom and bathroom, sewing kit, laundry services, shoe polish etc, are basic requirements and the in room movie, accessing internet, are the special products, provided by the hotels in rooms (Raspor, 2009 ).

Room occupancy forecasting

In the coming year the management of the company expects that the revenue of the company will be effective of the company and the management of the company expect that in the next year nearly 15500 guests may come in the coming years. Nearly 150 rooms will be occupied by the guests in the coming years. The management of the company develop a strategy to enhance the facility which is provided to the clients.

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The effective practice of outsourcing has to be increased every year in the hotel industry. The valid argument for outsourcing is in the majority case that is driven by the desired to reduce the cost while at the same time that maintain or evaluating quality service. This has to be true where the functions within labour intensives (Kampully and Suhartanto, 2000). Payroll is one of the largest cost centre for effective functions within the hotel industry so in this case any opportunity to outsource functions which can be performed off property to lower salary areas of the country. The IBIS group outsourced different kind of services such as laundry, pool maintenance; equipment maintenance, floral arrangements, capital projects, and loyalty programme help desk supports and distribution management, finance service and accounts. The IBIS hotel outsources because the company get the best talent in a highly specialised areas (Jonassen et al. 2002). This is helps the company because they are not in the payroll of the company. At the time when company install a new computer system, the company need some IT persons and outsource beyond that. The company can get the benefits of a contracted low price assignment help and the predictable cost.

Front office technology

Technology plays an important role in the Hotel industry. For many business and locations, the effective experience starts long before a traveller arrives. Internet has a powerful impact on hotel industry. For the effective business starts long before a traveller arrives. This starts from first visit from the websites. In the hotel industry, effective use of internet technology improves revenue. Websites, blogs, online advertising, and social media are the properties that help convince customers to choose the location (Choi and Chu, 2001). Booking engines that allow easy access by the customers, the system enable the individuals to make reservation and compare the price. Effective tools of reservation system using Expedia, Orbitz are available through online interfaces. Effective booking engine cut costs for the travel business to reduce the cost volume and provide the traveller effective control over their purchasing process. Another effective front office technology is computer system. Much tourism industry business is large and dispersed, and then they have to use computer systems to stay connected with the customers. Effective computer system allows communication between branches and location that helps the management of Hotel to streamline reservations and cross company policy. The Hotel management can use internally to keep entire staff on the same way and they have to make it easier which access information that helps to improve the guest experience such as guest preferences, housekeeping information and the reservation details that have to be kept on a main single system (Chu and Choi, 2000). Mobile communication is another effective communication tools for the hotel business. Most of the traveller takes some of the mobile communication device with them on the road it may be tablet computer or the mobile phone. The IBIS hotel use mobile communisation to send a delay notices and offers deals and sponsor location that is based on advertising. Dependence on the type of business the communication may happen through emails, text messaging or the GPs tagging.

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The management of IBIS hotel is very effective. The company now develop their strategy to attract new customers. The management of the company now develop new promotional strategy so that they can get new customers. In the competitive market scenario, the management of the company outsource certain service so that the cost of the company reduced down. The company now develop a strategy regarding acquiring local suppliers of the company so that they get essential material quickly.