Report On Prevention of Childhood Obesity In Australia

Introduction: Prevention of overweight and obesity among the children is an international challenge in present situation. According to Aderhold et al. (2012), there is the bad impact of obesity on the physical and psychological health and this situation may increase the risk of mortality. This report is consisting of the evaluation of qualitative research regarding the topic of Prevention of Childhood Obesity. Thus, the learner has chosen one journal named as Healthy eating, activity and obesity prevention: a qualitative study of parent and child perceptions in Australia published by Hesketh et al. in the year 2005.

Excellent Report On Prevention of Childhood Obesity In Australia

Identifying phenomenon

2007-census report on children illuminates that in Australia, the quantity of overweight children is 18 to 21% and among those children, 4 to 6% children are obese. There are several reasons those are responsible for making obese children such as eating habit and diet pattern, lack of physical activity, continuing sedentary lifestyle, sleep patterns, parenting style etc. Thus, the learner has analysed those section in the analysis section.

Structuring the study

The author Hesketh et al. Has made this research after choosing the topic first. Then, in order to understand the basic feature, the author had decided to make primary qualitative research on children and parents. In this way, the author was able to collect information regarding both perspectives. After sampling process, the author had made a question for conducting qualitative research and analysed by Meta-analysis process. At last, describing the findings the author has accomplished the research process.

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