Quantitative Techniques Assignment for Business Project

This Study includes the Quantitative Techniques Assignment for Business for Schools and Universities.

Movement Of the Assets during the Global Financial Crises occurred in the late 2008

In late 2008 the global world has faced lots of the adverse effects of the financial crisis. Mainly the rate of the recession and inflation are two major factors of the change and financial crisis. Mainly the current study will outline the economy change parameter. However, the data have been selected from the month of August of 2008 to December of 2008. Mainly the linear diagram is showing the instant change of the different exchange and the valuation of the currency (Srivastava and Srivastava, 2005).

Quantitative Techniques Assignment for Business Project

Mainly the economic crisis has hurt the developed economy of the world. Mainly the countries like the UK, USA, and the European countries have faced the devaluation of the assets and many other factors like the implication of the exchange and taxation policy. The above chart and table are developing the changing relationships among the different aspects of Australia, Japan, UK, and the USA. From the above table, it is observed that the Australian Dollar prices are quite stable as per the Yen price of Japan (Lovaszova and Hvorecky, 2003). Moreover, they are able to meet the effective rate of the exchange pricing. Mainly the rate of the exchange lied in the segment of the .01 or lower than that and also in the recessional time that is late 2008 they are able to maintain a very low change of exchange rate. On the other hand Australian Dollar rate increased in the middle of the 2008 as per UK Pound. However in the late 2008 that is in the month of the November and December (Sharma, 2010). Again in when the Australian dollar is compared with the US Dollar, It is observed that the value of the Australian dollar has been increased a lot. Mainly the Treasury Bill Rate is affected by the financial crisis factors. It observed a sharp fall in two segments. Moreover the rate of the treasury bills increased in the October but from November again it fall sharp (McGill et al. 2000).

Calculation of the returns of each asset using simple return calculation formula:

rt = 100 ln( Pt/ Pt-1)

The above mentioned formulae is the mostly used for the valuation of the different aspect of the pricing and exchange of the different type of the currency.

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