PRMB022 – Strategy To Develop Organisational Behaviour

Introduction: Organisational behaviour is a systematic system under which working ability and the current situation are analysed (Hanrieder, 2009). Development of business is depending on the working environment and culture of the firm. The researcher is working in a consulting firm. With the help of this report, the researcher is giving advice to Police Commissioner regarding implementation and growth of positive working culture. The advice relies on the case study of Western Australian police. The factors are discussed briefly that can bring revolution towards genuine work culture (Loosemore, 2008). With the help of proper recommendations, effective change might take place to improve strategy. Afterwards, adoption of strategy is cited to overcome the current scenario.

Develop Organisational Behaviour

Strategy and applications to develop a positive culture in organisation

Development of positive culture is essential to the success of a work environment. Sinding and Waldstr (2012) opined that for the development of business, an organization should adopt a suitable strategy and plan that help in the creation of positive work culture on an internal level. On the other side, Dooley (2010) opposed that for positive change in the organisation, motivation to employees is essential that involves much effort and time. However, the implication of these strategies in a work atmosphere is a scientific technique or method that identifies the behaviour of management, individuals, groups and higher authority (behaviour, 2014).

Implications of few theories are stated to be ideal in gaining a positive work culture environment. However, the application process needs to be planned and strategized as per the needs and demand of the situation.

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