ONQ – Hilton Hotels Corporation’s Technology Solution

Introduction : Customer Information System ONQ – Hilton Hotels Corporation’s  Technology Solution.

About Hilton Hotel

Conrad Hilton was first found in 1919 in Cisco, Texas. In the hospitality industry, Hilton Hotel is the brand and most trusted organisation. Presently, Hilton Hotel has businesses in more than 78 countries and with 600 hotels. The Blackstone Group acquired the management of Hilton Hotel. Hilton Hotel focused on the excellent customer service in order to establish its brand worldwide. There are several brand of Hilton Hotel such as Hampton Inn, Astoria, etc are better known for classic design and excellent customer service (Hilton.com, 2014).

ONQ Technology Solution

Customer Relationship Management at Hilton Hotel

Each customer profile contains variety of information. In order to serve better to the consumer need Hilton introduces customer information and their expectation feedback system. Customer relationship management allows the team member of Hilton Hotel in checking the customer profile easily and quickly. It saves time and improves the efficiency in providing better service to customers. It enables them to give a promising and attractive experience to their customers (De Cosmo et al. 2012). Team members of hotel treat the customers like a home member. The management of Hilton believes that customer loyalty is the key of future success.

Customer Really Matter

Customer Really Matter is an initiative taken by Hilton to enable the best level of service to the customers in order to generate large customer base. While doing so, Hilton Hotel integrates customer really matter information, so that it can use to customise and improve the facility (Pizam & Oh, 2008). Moreover, the customer relationship management focussed on developing better bonding and understanding with the customers. In 2003, the management of Hilton Hotel implement ONQ customer information system to continue the service.

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