Nurses Strategy For The Prevention Of Falls In The Old Age

Introduction : The current proposal prepares a plan to carry out a research in the nursing field. This Research will through the light on the Nurses Strategy For The Prevention Of Falls In The Old Age. Preventing falls among the elderly patients is a challenging issue faced by the health and social care settings. Current practices in preventing such falls of elderly above 65 in the geriatric wards are not very ineffective and hence the following questions arises to carry out a further investigation.

Nurses Strategy For The Prevention Of Falls In The Old Age

Research Question

What are the strategies followed by nurses in order to prevent falls in old age?

Significance of the study

Elderly patients suffer from severe health issues and complexities that make it difficult for them to walk properly and lead a normal life. Elderly people may be subject to falling due to poor vision, chronic impairment of cognition, and similar medical problems. Such falls leads to further complications such as fracture, morbidity and severe injuries. The study will help to identify the key strategies that are followed by nurses to prevent falls for service users in the old age. Although, nurses adopt some strategies like strengthening leg, supplementing vitamin D, cataract surgery and cardiac pacing, but these are not very effective. This research will help to identify the gaps in the existing strategies and provide recommendations for improvements.

The findings of the research will further help to increase the quality of services in the hospitals relating to prevention of patient falls, thereby preventing the incidents relating to fracture and injuries. This will also develop trust in the elderly patients, their family members and the community at large.

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