Literature Review On Indigo Technologies Ltd


Background of the report

This particular report endeavors to work on the various aspects related to global marketing and its pros and cons. The thesis statement of this report is to critically evaluate the drivers of successful global marketing and the advantages and disadvantages that organisations usually face in this context. As Dow (2005) points out in his work, earlier the multinational organisations used to establish and continue to conduct their business in the local markets in order to gain a strong position. Having anchored their position in the home country and bagged in a wide range of customers it is then that the firms used to attempt to extend their business in the global markets. However, it is noted that due to globalization, the several SMEs (small and medium firms) tend to incline towards operating in the international markets instead of concentrating much on conducting business in the home grounds (Sethna, Jones & Harrigan, 2013). Thus, in order to better understand the aspects of global marketing, Indigo Technologies Ltd is the chosen company on which the study is conducted.

Literature Review

Aims of the report

In order to conduct the study in a coherent manner, this report certain aims, which are as follows:

  • To identify the drivers, which contribute in the formation of “born global” organisations in general and Indigo Technologies Ltd in specific
  • To identify and examine the advantages and disadvantages that Indigo Technologies Ltd experiences to achieve a born global status in the worldwide market
  • To detect the loopholes and suggest few recommendations to Indigo Technologies Ltd in order to retain the competitive stature in the global market

Literature Review

This section of the report stresses on exploring through authorized books and updated journals, and critically assessing the drivers, which lead to the creation of born global organisations. Moreover, it even attempts to make an in-depth study on the benefits and drawbacks of being born global companies.

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