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We can learn leadership management approaches during management course.  This reflective study we discussed how to lead an organisation. In this report, we’ll discuss personality traits those would help to achieve goals and objectives. On the other side, we can develop own traits and skills which help to manage the people in an organisation. There have little bit differences between manager and leader.

Leadership Management

Currently used Leadership Management to lead people:

Leading people is one of the scientific methods, that a leader used in the organisation to properly manage people in an organisation. I learn many Leadership Management approaches during my internship and working experience. During my course study, I have learned how to manage people using different techniques. Currently, I have used a situational approach to leading people. According to Pearson (2012), leader make decisions based on the situation. I currently adopt situational Leadership Management approach because this approach helps me to take decisions based on internal and external  factors.

Internal and external factors may change at any time, hence I currently use situational Leadership Management approach to manage people. I have seen that there external factors, mainly affects the company. Hence, when external factors affect the organisation then I analyse what types of changes require to manage people in the organisation. Another thing is in this approach, there have no rules and regulation for the leaders that they would follow. Following this Leadership Management approach I identified most of the important task of the organisation then I analyse the factors those can affect the organisation. After that I analyse ability and willingness of my groups to do the task.

In this Leadership Management approach I mainly play as a manager role, because if I focus more relationship with followers in a situation when followers have low willingness and ability to do the task, then followers would become confused about their role. Sometimes I play as a supporting role, when I see that followers have low willingness and high ability to do the task. In supportive role I motivate my followers to do the task.

Core principles of leadership approach:

There are many principles of leadership approach, these are motivating power, self-confident, cooperative, effective communication, achievement oriented, adaptable and so on (Yan, 2011). Core principles of my leadership approach are motivating, power, achievement oriented, effective communication,  and self-confident. This has discussed below:

Motivating power– As I use the situational Leadership Management approach to manage people, motivating power is the major principle to manage people. Use my motivating power I manage my followers.. Mainly I uses job enlargement, job enrichment and job rotation to manage my followers.

Self-confidence– Self confidence is one of my inner qualities that helps me to manage my job confidently. Self-confidence is the one of the core leadership principles that helps me to make decisions. According to Lunenburg (2011), followers of the leaders only step forward when leaders are confident. Hence, I confidently make decisions and that follows by the followers to achieve the objectives.

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Effective communication– Effective communication is another principle of my Leadership Management approach. Through using effective communication I communicate with my followers. Those people coming with their problems I solve their problems through using effective communication skills. Reason for choosing this principle is that people are the best investment of an organisation and they should not treat as a  product.

Achievement oriented– According to Kim and Brymer (2011), a  leader used his skills, ability and power to achieve the goal of an organisation. Reason for choosing achievement oriented principles achieves organizational goal in an effective manner.

Future plan for leading people:

In my course I learned many leadership approaches. That will help me to choose an effective approach of leadership for achieving the goal in the future. According to Mulnix (2013) leader and manager are future oriented, they focus on how to achieve future goal of an organisation. In this report I have developed future plan on leadership to achieve the goal and objectives of the company. Below I discuss how to lead in the future

Identify the leadership style– In this report I need to develop a plan that will lead people in the future. Identifying leadership includes the first steps of my plan. At first I have to sure that what kind of leadership I uses to lead people. In my knowledge I use a transformational leadership style to lead people. Using this leadership style I will motivate employees and support them to do the task.

Determine the limitation of the leadership style– I use a transformational leadership style in to lead people. According to Conger and Riggio (2012), any of the leadership having some restriction to lead people. Hence, I have to find out the restriction of transformational leadership style. I have to analyse its limitation, areas, then analyse situation of the company as I used situational leadership approach in the company, hence I will define current situation and predict future situations with Leadership Management style.

Choose an effective leadership style At this stage I will choose an effective leadership style to lead people within an organisation. I will use a participative leadership style that could help me to lead people effectively. Using participative Leadership Management style I could involve all of the followers or staffs at the time of making decision. It could motivate followers or staffs because they participate in the highest level of activity and their opinion gets importance equality with other managers of the company.

Leadership style:

As per my future, I want to be democratic or participative leader. The having one question may arrive that there having many leadership styles, why democratic leader. I think that democratic leaders motivate their followers or staffs to innovate ideas, product or services. I will encourage my followers to using my motivation power. This leadership style math with my skills and traits. Algera and Lips-Wiersma (2012) Democratic leadership style needs effective communication skills to motivate employees. I have both skills, effective communication and motivation power that support me to be democratic leader.

I want to become democratic leader in the future because require skills, having me to become a democratic leader. In democratic leader I will respect all of the ideas that come from followers or staffs of the organisation. I will adopt the best ideas from the respondent and modify that ideas for getting best result then I will apply it in my organisation. As a democratic leader I can engage with my subordinates and encourage them to do the task in a better way. Bass (2010) opined that a democratic leader works best where group members are skilled and eager to share their knowledge with others. However, democratic leader has some limitations, such as this leadership style

Consistent activity:

Zehir and Erdogan (2011) Opined that leader’s ability to do the job depends upon the leader’s skills and knowledge. Consistent performance of leader will helps the company to sustain their growth. There are different types of skills that helps the leader to achieve the vision of the organisation, these skills are effective problem solving skills, time management skills and motivation skills. I would like to consistent these activities to achieve the goal of my organisation.

Effective problem solving– Effective problem solving skills is one of the most important skills of a leader. Problem solving skills help the leader to solve critical problems. Sometimes it has been shown that leader convert their problem into the opportunities for the organisation.

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I have used complain and grievance departments in the organisation, that helps me to solve compliance and grievance through using problem solving skills.

Time management-In an organisation every task needs to be completed within the time period, otherwise another task become late (Rubin et al. 2010). I will continuously sustain this leadership skills. This skill helps me to manage organisational activities within the time period. One activity can be delayed, but must keep in mind it is not critical activity. Any types of activity those come under the critical activity those activities are longest path in the project. I will manage time through using networking tools. This activity I will continuously run for future growth of the organisation because if all activity completed within time period, then their manufacturing cost will reduce and that will helps the company to compete in the market.

Effective communication skills– Elci et al. (2012) opined that effective communication skills of a leader create a productive workplace. Through effective communication skills I will communicate with my subordinates and superior. Effective communication skills help to remove conflict among employees of the organisation. I will run this activity consistently in the organisation.

I will be using two way communication method to cater employees, which will help to reduce the conflicts and enhance the productivity. Apart from that, it will ensure the solid foundation of trust which will encourage open communications at an organisation.

Stop blaming  activities:

Leaders of the organisation fail to achieve if the leader has no proper vision. Leaders of the organisation play a role between the needs of the organisation demands of the business (Adair, 2010). Leadership skills help the organisation to improve productivity of the organisation. If the leader unable manages the organisation then productivity will decrease and the organisation may suffer loss. Future growth of the organisation may stop.

Hence, I will generally stop those activities that may harm the future growth of the organisation. I will stop one size fits all leadership styles and disconnected from the market.

One size fits all leadership styles– In my opinion, fixed leadership style does not play effectively in all types of organisation. A successful leader adopts a flexible approach that helps them to change their Leadership Management style with the changes of the current scenario of the organisation.

I am very much acquainted with  stop one size fits leadership style in the future because one size fits leadership style will work effectively for a longer period of time.

Disconnected from the market– leaders not only control their subordinates, but also need to contact with customers because customers are the only the reason for the existence of the company. I will stop this dis-touch with customers in the market for understanding the future needs of the customers and the organisation can develop their strategy as per the demand of the customers and market conditions.

Start new activities:

I need to start some new activities to motivate my team and manage them properly. Some of activities are stated below-

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Ethical Decision Making- I will make sure that whatever decisions I will take regarding the job will be ethical for both the employees as well as for the organisation. I will clarify the job structure assigned to each and every team members considering both risks and benefits to the allocation. I will modify the job  as per the  time period if seen that at any point the ethical laws are being violated.

While making decisions, I have considered  value pricing for  promoting ethical consumerism. Apart from that I have also promoted recyclable  products like

Communication and training classes- According to Pearson (2012), a proper communication is required between team members and the leader to accomplish the task orderly as well as maintain a good cordial relationship. I will sometimes hold a meeting with my team members and discuss with them about their problems they are facing with. I will give them full freedom to speak about their problem because I believe more the problems will be discussed a genuine solution will come out at the end. This will improve the relationship between the team members as well as with me.

I can even arrange for some training classes for the team members who are unable to understand the job properly. This will help them to understand their faults and will help them to brush up their knowledge.

Continuous monitoring and feedback collection- I will give my team members a certain time period to accomplish their job. I will monitor them continuously and find out their problems and give them solutions accordingly. Feedbacks will be collected periodically to understand their problems with the job or with me.

Specific changes to manage:

As a manager, I would definitely incorporate some changes that will help in the smooth running of the organization as well as it will help in overcoming the hurdles faced by the organization.

The first important change will be time management and allocation of work in strict adherence to the time. Maintenance of records is absolutely necessary to keep track of everything in a systematic process (www.learningforlife.org, 2014).

I would set a vision according to the business of the organisation so as to map the position of the organisation and be able to estimate the direction of the plan and where it is taking the company to.

I will conduct meetings that are necessary for the employees to understand the mission and vision of the firm as well as the relevance of the processes that will further help them to work better. I will also include presentations in the meetings since it helps in a lucid understanding and better grasp  of the topics or issues being discussed.

I will be more strategic in terms of organising, collaborating with all the wings and co-ordinating all the processes in the firm, in utilization of the resources, taking challenges and drafting plans.

The  next change would be to manage the stress of the employees effectively that would contribute to leveraging the productivity of the employees as well as in improving the performance of the organization. As a leader I need to take challenges and risks, but with proper calculation of the potential benefits and disadvantages of the same.

Leader, manager, both or neither:

There is a long running debate discernible among the management researchers regarding the supremacy and importance of a manager and a leader in the organization. It is essential to note that a manager in an organization has a greater number of responsibilities to perform than a leader. In my organization, as a manager I have to involve myself in the organizational planning process, in the budgetary decision making process and in many other responsibilities. In my organization, it is my responsibility to effectively manage various resources of the organization. I have to manage organizational conflicts and  at the same time have to maintain an overall control over the organizational process (www.unpan1.un.org, 2014).

It is also essential to understand that when I have to guide my subordinates towards achieving a particular organizational goal or objective, I have to rely wholly on my leadership skills. As an effective leader then, I have to direct my followers the best possible way through which they can achieve their individual organisational target. I have to motivate them in such a way so that their individual productivity can attain the expected level. In order to give them proper inspiration, I have to take the position of a role model by following whom they can perform their job with success. As a leader to my team members, it is my responsibility to cue my team members in perfect alignment with their organizational roles and responsibilities. From the above said discussion, it is easily understandable that both managers and leaders play equally important roles in their organizations and the absence of one cannot be fulfilled by the presence  of another.

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In this study I discussed my own opinion. In this study I focussed to the leadership style and leadership skills that needed for the organisation to sustain their growth in the organisation. I have discussed that I will adopt a participative leadership style for future growth of the organisation. I will also stop some of the skills and adopt other skills that helps me to lead the organisation effectively. I will chose both managerial skills and leadership skills in my organisation.

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