Information System: A Case Study About Ausracecrop (Arc)


In 2008, AusRaceCrop (ARC) established their business in Bathurst, New South Wales in Australia as an Information System. It is a racing business company and after starting business grow their business exceptionally well. In order to manage Information System the growing portfolio of consumer and other stakeholders, they implement top line CRM (Customer Relationship Management) due to achieve higher benefits. Recently they acquired WinCarz. It has off the shelf CRM system. The CEO of ARC orders the CIO of the company for selecting the accurate CRM system in respect to their business and integrates it within one month. In this case, study discusses methods is about the potential problems due to integrating the system in a short period.

1. Immediate Integration Recommendation

If ARC implements the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) model to integrate their accurate CRM Information System they may face different levels of risk. SDLC has major problems when executing it. The key problem is the end user unable to view the report of solution until the entire process done. Time-consuming is another problem of SDLC system. Moreover, documentation process of SDLC is too much expensive. Müller (2013) stated that using the SDLC model in business user is not able to review and evaluate the product easily such as Data Flow Diagram that allows meeting the requirement regarding business.

2. Justification the limitations of SDLC Methodologies

Time Consuming – Implementation of SDLC system require higher time to utilize the ultimate results. Saad et al. (2014) opined that if SDLC in business process implement in short, period there will be high risk of failure and the end user is unable to meet their requirements. Moreover, it never allows the end user for changing flexibility as per their requirements. If any changes made by the end user the overall process restarts, again that increases the difficulty for business.

High risks of not meeting the requirements – If the organisation uses SDLC models within their business process, they have higher risks for not to meet their requirements. For each process, SDLC model requires a different approach that indicates it too much expensive. Lorenzo et al. (2009) stated that implementing the SDLC model for developing business organisation has to face tough competition to meet their budgeting and scheduling. As ARC focus on providing different products and service based on their client’s demand, it will be very tough for using the similar prototype for each service.

Difficult to change – After implementation of Information System, the SDLC system in operation process is very hard to changes (, 2014). Due to the ARC business process, they required to changes they’re planning based on their consumer demand. During the changing process, ARC has to face May difficulties and it may have occurred the failure in relation to meet their budgets and scheduling.

Instead of creativity – The end user is able to show the result after the entire process finish if SDLC system implements in the ARC business process for managing the appropriate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. If the any user of SDLC system try to view the result before completes the process, it encourages (McIlroy et al. 2009). For ARC business, they require viewing the result in integral time for meeting the consumer preference to an Information System.

Risk of failure – If ARC implements SDLC system in their operation, they must follow the rules as well as protocols of the System Development Life Cycle. If does not maintain proper there will be high risk factors of failure and maintenance of clients’ requirement (, 2014).

Never Backward – The documentation process of SDLC support only updates view. If one process finish and result executes user is not able to view the result after another process done (Fleischmann, 2012). It will be the major complex for ARC business. They require reviewing the document as they focus on consumer preferences.

3. Alternative Methodology

3.1 Recommendation for using Agile Software Development Methodology

As a CIO of the company ARC, recommend using Agile software development methods for using in their business process that allow selecting an appropriate CRM system for developing their business in the future and increase the profits as well as it will be executed within one month as CEO demands.


Information System

Figure 1: Agile Software Development Methodology

(Source: Felstead et al. 2010)

The lightweight framework in Information System and simplest form allow the team member of ARC for evolving function consistently. Furthermore, it allows members of ARC to maintain their business focus and deliver rapidly due to their business value. Moreover, it minimises the overall risk of the business process (Glaesser, 2009). Through the process of continuous planning, it allows the team member of ARC for delivering their service to their consumers and accelerates the business process. Through the continuous development process, it helps ARC to maximise their business value. The key importance of agile software development, it adapts easily according to the changing requirements of ARC’s business process and allows them to accurate visibility regarding their actual process.

3.2 Justification for Agile Methodology for ARC business

If the ARC involves an agile software development process in their business process, they are able to expend their business by illustrating the benefits of Agile processes.

Engaging Stakeholders – The process of Agile provides various opportunities for engaging the stakeholders with the team management. In order to ARC business process it allows involving the stakeholders in each step of the company. Agile process makes a high degree of collaboration with the consumer and team management and clearly understands the true vision of the company and provides multiple opportunities. Using Agile software development ARC is able to increase their seeking motivation of working product frequently.

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Transparency – In order to the business process of Information System where the company only focused on consumer preferences the approach of agile help and provides the opportunities to their stakeholders about the information of the entire project. Moreover, the features of Agile prioritising the planning of iterations and allow the team management for building the new features frequently.

Focus on business value – ARC always tries to deliver their product according to their consumer demand. Agile software development process helps the company in determining the features of that give the priority of consumers. Moreover, it provides the information to team member for meeting the requirement of client’s demand. By delivering the features, they allow the most valuable order.

Focus on consumers – The acceptance criteria of agile process always defines the products by focusing the consumer’s demand. It never works as an IT component. However, it delivers the value of the product to customers.

Quality Improvement – The most important key features of Agile is improvement of quality. Using agile software process, ARC able to break their team into manageable unite such as testing, development, collaboration and develops high quality product. It allows them to build frequently and meet the expectation of their consumers.

4. Risks and Mitigations

4.1 Risks Assessment

In business, process of ARC if Agile implements it allows the company for assessing the risk and provides a strong forum to meet the requirement of firm.

Sprint Planning – Agile through sprint planning is assessing the risks of the firm within their working process. Sprint planning helps the team member of Agile and provides the several opportunities to assess the risks over their business. Daily scrum is also one of the great methods to assess the risks. Through the interview or survey, organization is able to know about the risk and issues and developing an Information System the plan manages it.

Sprint Review – It is also another method of Agile for assessing the risk. Using the sprint review process, ARC can highlight their risk and analysing the successful activities of litigation manages it. Through it they can provide the information to stakeholders about their project process.

Requirement workshop – Through the agile software, development process, ARC is able to provide the workshop where their team members and the project managers share or discuss their new ideas and give their best efforts for delivering more value to stakeholders. Moreover, through the conversation project managers of ARC are able to identify the way through they can give better values in business. Planning poker is another key element of Agile that provides the various opportunities for management of ARC for rectifying the risks about their entire business process.

4.2 Mitigation measure

In order to reach develops the proper CRM system in ARC business operation Agile allows to mitigate the risk. These techniques of Agile mitigate the risks in ARC due to their CRM system implementation.

Review of practitioners – The user’s stories are the basic blocks of Agile that develops the formal acceptance test. Through it, the managers of ARC explicitly review their risks in accordance to their consumers and deliver better value to business.

Collaborations – Grant et al. (2009) argued that through inspection organization is able to prevent more than 50 percent risk over their business process. Collaborating with the members and sharing the ideas about projects the management of ARC easily identifies the risk and developing proper planning manages it.

Feedback Form – The team member of ARC with the help of Agile software system acquire the demonstration with the stakeholders. Feedback Form allows to take the review of stakeholders and improve the product quality according to reviews. This allows the company to complete the project by addressing risks and issues.

5. Determining Success

Successful implementation of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system in the business process of stronger and makes the good relationship with customers. Rankovic et al. (2011) argued that professional implementation of CRM system provides various opportunities in their sales, services and marketing.

More Revenue – Implementation of CRM system in business process allows the firm to identify the potential customer effectively and efficiently (Ghose, 2013). Through the CRM system, ARC can track their customer’s profile generating the new strategies attract them for more purchasing of their products. CRM will allow the ARC to coordinate with the promotional campaign and marketing, and efficiently promote the business.

Better customer service – Through CRM system ARC can personalize their customer and make good relationship with the customers. CRM also helps to deal; with the customers directly and meet their individual requirement.

Simplify marketing – Through CRM system ARC can make better communication channel that helps them to simplify their sales. For example, making the business more convenient representatives the sale.

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Effective Management – In business process, CRM system allows the users to follow their activities. Moreover, give automatic alerts about the important actions.

Pipeline Report – Using the CRM system ARC can build the trust through pipeline reports. It is forecast their production and increases the efficiency.


The above case study explained the required Information System for implementing the CRM. The analyst discussed and the limitations of SDLC for quick implementation. Then recommend for implementing the agile software development process in ARC business for generating greater value. Advantages of Agile process describes with proper explanations. At the but not the least analyst, explain the benefits of appropriate CRM system in business for increasing efficiency.