Leadership In Healthcare Organization: The Australian Health Leadership Framework

In Australia, Health Leadership Framework organization is one of the most important and largest commerce. In the health care industry at Australia, healthcare industry effects on every individual. In order to change the efforts of complexity in health care organization, numerous parties contribute. Administrator and the physician play the vital role that has an impact on patient care delivery. In the healthcare industry, numerous factors influencing and moves towards success. According to the Aguinis & Kraiger (2009), understanding of change management and leadership is very much important to increase the resistance and improve the relationships. On the contrary, various approaches of change management and understanding leadership theories, as well as strategies, enhance the effectiveness of the leaders in the health care industry.

About Health Leads Australia: the Australian health leadership framework

As stated by Alimo-Metcalfe & Alban-Metcalfe (2010), in all industry leadership has many similarities due to business purpose and its complexity. The leaders of health care focus on improvement of clinical quality and try to give better treatment to patients the analyst, through this assignment demonstrates the leadership quality and its effect on quality of patient care. Avolio et al. (2009) devastated that leadership in the health care industry has direct as well as indirect impact that support the practice. The leaders in healthcare industry affect at various levels, such as satisfaction of the patient, commitment, management trust building effective team individually and the most important in changing the organization culture and structure. As critics by Black & Earnest (2009), leadership in healthcare industry engages with the entire process and influence the well-being and health quality care to patients.

In 2013, Health Leads Australia was developed through the various dialogues and research. The contemporary management of Health Leads Australia focuses on the capabilities and deals with the health issues in Australia. In order to develop the Health Leads Australia, over 700 organisations and individuals are providing the input. Apart from that, in 2013 The Health Ministers of Advisory Council of Australia approved the proposal and provides certificate to develop the health care system in the health care industry. There were important criteria for Health Leads Australia that future validation of the company will be based on the performance and national health work of leadership.

In present market of health care Australian health care system faces many challenges. These are –

  • Faces challenges in improving Health Leadership Framework and the health care system for the Torres Straits Islander and Aboriginal people.
  • Unable to provide quality and safety at all levels in health care service.
  • Fail to implement and developing primary health care in order to minimize the chronic disease.
  • It is unable to develop co-operation as well as respects due to operate the organizational approaches within the system of health care industry.

The Principles of Health Leadership Framework

The key principles that guide the framework of Health Leads Australia are as follows:

Health Leadership Framework

Figure 1: Principle of leadership framework

(Source: Bogers et al. 2010, pp- 859)

Development of health leadership capacity through developing the proficient leaders – As argued by Bogers et al. (2010) personal and professional developments is effective as well as essential for the future development and lifelong process. In order to success in the health care industry, requires potential leaders at each place in their operating system. It helps in improving the quality as well as ability to engage the work process. However, it helps in generating better outcomes for the patient. In order to success and leads, the organization in the health care industry requires to develop passions, capabilities and courage.

Requirements of own leadership – On health care industry leadership quality depends upon various things such as management, changing progress, patient care and much more. The leadership plays the vital role in developing the system and providing quality care to patients in the health care industry (www.hwa.gov.au, 2014). Apart from that, the quality of leadership allows the Health Leads Australia in reforming the operational process and achieving the purpose of the company.

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An Appropriate person for leader – Experienced and skilled leaders are required in developing the business of Health Leads Australia. Knowledgeable leaders capable Health Leads Australia in strengthening their process and become the leaders in this framework. Skilled leaders change the consistent manner of Health Leads Australia in several contexts and helps in leading to health care industry in Australia.

The Goals of Leadership framework

As reviewed by Bond et al. (2010), leaders in the health care industry play the vital role and serve the patient a quality service. In the familiar and communities, due to the serve better treatment and quality service leaders play the important role. In order to become a better leader in the health care system, people have to focus on the sustainability, efficiency in work, effective chalk out the problem and accountability to the system (Briesacher et al. 2009). Following are the area that needs to focus becoming a better leader in health care service –

  • Require to align the best healthcare service with proper evidence in the workplace. It help in satisfying the patient and providing various opportunities for future development. It helps the leaders to generate better outcomes for the consumers.
  • Require to improve the primary health care service within the workplace. It will be the key purpose in becoming a good leader.
  • In order to sustain in the health care industry needs to focus on the meeting of aspects and requirement of consumer in both ways present and future.
  • Need to involve best practice in clinical and quality patient care. It helps in generating possible outcomes.
  • According to the population, leaders need to reflect proper evidence on health care service.

Focused five areas of Health Leads Australia

Within the health care industry, Health Leads Australia mainly focuses on the five key areas. These are – Achieves Outcomes, Shape Systems, Leads Self, Drives Innovation and Engages Others.

Health Leadership Framework

Figure 2: Focused five areas of Health LEADS Australia

(Source: www.hwa.gov.au, 2014)

Achieves Outcomes – In the workplace of Health Leads Australia, leaders have to play the vital role in differentiating the work and improve the quality of service care. Leaders, in Health Leads Australia have to motivate and inspire the staffs for achieving success and goals of the company. The leaders in the health care industry influence the business through providing quality care service and helps in sustaining the health care organization in the future.

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In order the outcomes of achieving the Health Leads Australia, leaders have the ability to communicate and influence the direction in the health care system. Communicates and influence the direction in the health care system, leaders has to collaborate with the patients, the entire staffs within the workplace (www.hwa.gov.au, 2014). Influence them through set of goals and objectives as well as vision. Leaders has to focus on the goals of the company and based on goals align the resources. Di Gangi & Wasko (2009) stated that leaders in health care industry need to evaluate the process regularly and generates accountability of results. Continuous monitoring process and individual accountability help in evaluating the process and generates positive outcomes for Health Leads Australia.

Shape System – As declared by the Dixon Woods et al. (2011), health care is the complex system where involves legislation, funding and service, etc. Leaders are able to change or align the overall system in generating the maximum benefits and profits.

In Health Leads Australia business, leaders have to understand the entire work progress and apply the appropriate system with relevant thinking. For example, within the work progress of Health Leads Australia leaders need to communicate with the system and builds the awareness of health teams. It assists in improving the local as well as individual health outcomes (www.hwa.gov.au, 2014). Leaders have to play the significant role in involving the local communities and consumers within the process of health care decision-making process. Moreover, leaders take the total responsibilities to promote the organization. However, leaders build the best relationship with the professions and the other sectors of the organization. Leader’s helps in understanding the respects and trust, make an effective collaboration that enhances the connectivity.

Leads Self – According to Dovey (2009), leaders are always engaged in the work progress within the health care industry. Based on the strengths and weakness of Health Leads Australia, leaders are aiding in committing improvement and self-reflection. Leaders understand the organization overall structure and business process. Based on the understanding, develops self-awareness to consumer, motivate, social skills and the empathy.

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In order to become a better leader in Health, Leads Australia requires the capabilities of self-aware. Leaders have to understand as well as manage the company background and its assumptions. As a leader, reflects activity within the performance and engaging the growth and learning assumes responsibility.

Drives Innovation – In health care industry innovation do not indicate for involving the new products (Dovey, 2010). In order to drive the innovation in the health care industry needs to include and implement fundamental change in the business and elated health care model to provide a better quality of care to patients. Leadership plays the vital role in passionate the successful innovation (www.hwa.gov.au, 2014).

In relation to drives the innovation at Health Leads Australia, leaders have to inspire the entire staffs within the workplace. Understanding the needs of changing, canvas possibilities. It helps in supporting fresh thinking. In order to generate better results, leaders have to influence the staffs with a discussion on the health issues. Apart from that, requires in involving consumer and several advocates.

Engage others – Gumusluoglu & Ilsev (2009) acknowledge that in health care industry leaders are able to engage other people with the mission, vision and goals as well as the objectives of the company. Explaining the business plan and sharing the ideas with employees and stakeholders to make a relevant sense and decrease the business complexity.

In order to engage people, leaders have to be capable to diversify the values and various models of cultural responsiveness. Leaders have to be honest and respectable personality. Leaders understand the current idea of the company along with the issues (Dixon Woods et al. 2011). They participate with the various meetings and conversations. Understand the demands of consumer as well as employees and provides the facilities to become motivated to work and take more service from Health Leads Australia (www.hwa.gov.au, 2014). Leaders have to play the roles to enthuse customer and other stakeholders through sharing the ideas and resources of the company. In respect to grow future opportunities in business and become the leaders of health care framework leaders within a workplace of Health Leads Australia collaborates with the customers and strengthens the internal environment process.

Selection of Leadership Theory for Health Leads Australia (Transformational Theory)

According to Nohria & Khurana (2010), in the health care industry various leadership theories are used such as trait theory, situational theory, transformational theory and transactional theory. However, for this study based on the expectation of Health Leads Australia selected Transformational theory.

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The transformation leadership allows in inspiring and stimulating the administrators in order to achieve the optimistic outcomes. Paying attention in the process of healthcare organization develops the individual needs and awareness about the issues of the company. It helps in meeting the requirement of the company in a significant way. Transformation theory of leadership allows the administrators of management in the health care industry to develop positive changes in accordance to future development of health care organization. As squabbled by Bass (2010), transformational leadership theory in health care organization enhances the morale, performance and motivation of the administrators by various tools and techniques. Communicating the management with employees create a sense of identity. Acquiring t5he identity builds an effective strategy for success. Transformation leadership theory helps the management in regular communication with the employees through meeting or conversations and inspires them to give better efforts providing quality service. The key components of transformational theory are intellectual stimulation, influence based on idea, individual, personal and professional attention and the more important and effective component inspirational motivation.

Justification of choosing Leadership Theory (Transformational Theory)

In order to succeed and meet the required principles, goals and focused five areas of Health Leads Australia, the analyst selects transformation leadership theory. Transformational leadership theory allows the managers and administrators of Health Leads Australia in making the passionate success of their set of goals with special charisma. Transformational leadership theory helps in the proper understanding of Health Leadership Framework operations at Health Leads Australia and makes proper planning to execute the operations with quality service. The higher authority of Health Leads Australia wants to engage the leaders at all levels of their business process. It is their key principles. The transformational leadership theory allows the Health Leads Australia to understand proper resources. The transformational theory allows the company to improve their staff’s performance and developing the knowledge and helps in taking better quality care to their patients. Using transformational theory, managers of Health Leads Australia improve their service quality. As stated by Dixon Woods et al. (2011), transformational leadership theory centralised the idea, convey to the subordinates, it meets their requirements, and engage the leaders at all levels. However, through this process transformational leaders serve quality care to patients and achieve goals. Bond et al. (2010) condemned that the theory of transformational leadership is very easy and simple to understand and implement, it makes the managers and leaders of Health Leads Australia capable and develops the health leadership capacity and intent on system improvement. Apart from that, Avolio et al. (2009) opined that transformational leadership theory beliefs on the company’s vision and motivate the employees to perform better and be productive. Thus, it helps in attaining the goals of Health Leads Australia. Transformational theory develops corporate strategy and planning based on the operational progress and resources. Therefore, in business Health Leads Australia required to change the strategy and plan for new strategy based on the current situation. Due to better perform and provides quality service, Health Leads Australia has to retain their skilled employee. Transformational leadership theory helps the administrators and managers of Health Leads Australia to retain their skilled employees through developing better communication and understanding the employee’s requirements.

Formulation of Leadership Strategies for Health Leads Australia

Health care in current scenario has become a very competitive in now a day. The proposed strategy for the leadership strategy development in the health care industry will consider various aspects like the consideration of the government policies, consideration of the health and social care protocols and the real life scenarios. Decision-making is one of the most important sectors in the health care section so for that the involvement of the IT infrastructure and the integrated system development is very much required. The leadership must be practiced in a very democratic yet in a very systematic format so that the inter department synchronization can be maintained. The leader must be very much aware of the legal frameworks for the smooth roll on of the system. In the decision, making format the leader must participate in a participative manner so that the decision-making and the cumulative development of the health care service for the organization develops in a much anticipated and synchronised way.

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In the case of the in-house leadership development in Health Leadership Framework, the leader must be able to develop a target-based model for the development of the section wise service delivery. According to the study by Aguinis & Kraiger (2009), showed that the development of the overall service delivery mechanism, it is very much necessary to develop the section based service delivery so that the cumulative organizational objective in a synchronised manner.

Reliability of Formulate Strategies with the Theory

Transformational leadership theory works with the present environment of Health Leads Australia. The formulate strategy of Health Leads Australia about the Health Leadership Framework and cultural improvement continuously is real time learning progress. With the help of transformational leadership theory, the administrators and the managers of the company validate their strategy and attain continuous improvement. The strategies of Health Leads Australia are evidence based that indicates the management takes decisions based on the current situations with accurate protocols. Moreover, the transformational leadership theory allows the leaders at all levels to utilize the resources. Therefore, it helps in optimizing the physical and staffs space. Health Leads Australia formulates their strategy on Health Leadership Framework to share their decision making process with the consumer and clinical staffs in order to provide better quality service to patients. Transformational theory helps in communicating with the consumer and clinical staffs through meeting or discussion process. Transformational theory allows the leaders or administrators of Health Leads Australia to maintain the government rules and regulations. It indicates that transformational theory reliable the strategies of governance priority. Transformational leadership theory helps the leaders and managers of Health Leads Australia to integrate more care and improve the service quality to patients. The strategy that is taken by the Health Leads Australia allows in receiving the right care for right providers. Moreover, the internal transparency strategy of Health Leads Australia is able to maintain with the transformational leadership theory. Transformational leadership theory is easy and works at all levels in business of Health Leads Australia. The entire staffs are able to use it and effectively improve their service performance, quality. Apart from that, transformational theory validates the formulated strategy at Health Leads Australia through collaboration on health care plan with the patient to clinician.


This Health Leadership Framework is dealing with the leadership in the health care industry. The explained method is the leadership framework within the workplace of Health Leads Australia. The certificate of Health Leads Australia approved in 2013 by the Health Ministers of Advisory Council of Australia. Required principles, goals and focused five areas are elaborate here. As per the instruction, selected leadership theory is a transformational theory. It is an easy process and executes at all levels of Health Leads Australia. It helps the company in their continuous improvements and gives better service quality to patients. Proper justification of transformational theory discussed here. Moreover, due to future improvement organization formulates the various strategies. Reliability and validity of the strategies with transformational theory discussed with relevant methods.

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