GLOBAL FOOD SECURITY core issues faced by the world

Introduction: Food security is an emerging global issue which relates to the fact that people from different backgrounds of economy and society have access to their basic needs of nutrition which is culturally appropriate and environmentally safe. In this essay, an attempt has been made to explain the term ‘Global Food Security’, its connection with social justice, stakeholders involved in the issue and their perspective, its relation to the common good and proposed resolution and steps to be taken to fight for the cause.

Global Food Security

Issues – Description

The agenda of ‘Food Security’ came to light in World Food Conference in 1974 held in Rome for the first time. The conference was held for Bangladesh, the country suffering from devastating famine, took place in 1972 (Atchoarena and Gasperini, 2003). The US Secretary, Henry Kissinger declared that no children will face hunger and the issue will be solved within coming ten years. The threat of food insecurity is critical in most countries in Africa, the western countries of Asia (countries adjacent to Africa) and some countries in Latin America. The cause of this chronic instability doesn’t happen due to one factor, but a series of factors are involved, like – extreme weathers (drought, flood or any other cause), agricultural problems (pests, erosion, infertility of soil), and change of climate, corruption, wars and many more . However, there are some countries which have strong food surplus. Australia is a proficient country among them. AusAID (Australian Agency of International Development) handles most of Australia’s aid programmes through disaster relief and support in development (Australian International Food Security Centre, 2014).

Food Security and Social Justice

The core issues faced by the world in terms of food security are gaining access to food and the struggle for enhancing the food production. The core challenges relating to food supply are increasing population, increasing competitor for scarce resources such as land, water etc, and unprecedented climatic change. Food research and agriculture are basically cross disciplinary that incorporate agronomy aspects, ecology, economics, genetics, material science and social science. The researchers of CSIRO have been working with the communities and industrial across Australia as well as on a global basis to increase the production of agriculture (Anon, 2014)

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