Executive Summary On Australian Airlines Qantas

Introduction : Australian Airlines Qantas based fast growing organization in the aviation industry that is termed as the second largest and oldest airlines in the international market.  It was founded in the year 1920 and currently it accounts for 62% of domestic market share in Australia (Qantas.com.au, 2014). The Airlines provides travelling services to almost 19.7% passengers approximately from several countries across the world. In this particular report, a discussion of the macro environmental factors influencing the Qantas Airlines has been discussed and its impact on internal business operations is highlighted. The particular study provides discussion in micro and macro environmental analysis using marketing tools and approaches. It includes a relevant competitive analysis of competitors of Qantas.

Australian Airlines Qantas

Macro Environment forces impacting Qantas

Macro environmental factors relate to the external organizational forces that affects the business activities in the market place. As per Beamish & Ashford, (2012), the external forcers such as political like tax regulations, interest rates, law and order, trade policies while the economical factors like exchange rates, unemployment, recession etc are major aspects that impact an organization. Some of other factors like advancement of technology, social elements such as changes in consumer needs and behavior, environmental factors such as controlling carbon footprint also play a dominant role in enhancing business activities of Qantas. The legal factors such as governmental rules and legislative frameworks impact on the marketing strategies, performance and positioning of the company (Marinova & Singh, 2008).

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