Global Warming And Fast Depletion Of Natural Resources.

Introduction: Global Warming & Fast Depletion Of Natural Resources

This Essay Writing presents the various environmental issues that affect the functioning of the business units and the society as a whole. The Essay Writing addresses the issue of global warming and fast depletion of natural resources. The 21st century because of rapid technological strides is witnessing dramatic changes and impacts upon society and business and constitutes the focus of this Essay Writing. The various implications of the external environment and the stakeholder environment on the functioning of the business units have also been dealt with in this essay.

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Environmental Challenges:

The rapid industrialisation and advancement of technology in the present times is leading to detrimental effects on the environment that in turn is adversely affecting the society and the business. The rapid changes in climate and other environmental issues again affect the business (Markstrom and Charley, 2006). This is resulting in the creation of a vicious cycle that is affecting human life, ecological balance and business functioning.

Justification of Fayol’s theory of Management:

Henry Fayol’s theory of management with 14 points and the division of the management functions deals with effective and efficient planning. It discusses the importance of the integration of the external environment of an organisation to the interests of the stakeholders and the safeguarding of the same (Bradshaw, 2003). The fast depletion of natural resources has become a major concern for all the large companies that run their business through the extraction of the natural resources.

The functions of forecasting, planning, organising, commanding, coordinating and controlling as stated by Fayol in his Management theory actually lay down the entire process of running the organisation smoothly (Jordan, 2010). The natural resources are exhaustible in nature and thus careful planning needs to be undertaken by the firms using them so that the same can be preserved for the sustainable development in the future.

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The stress is on the need to be socially responsible on the part of the organisations to safeguard the society that is inclusive of the stakeholders who have invested in the organisation. An organisation to do profitable business and be successful in the future needs to demonstrate its social responsibility in the modern times where the consumers have grown hugely aware of the environmental risks on the sustainable development.

Impact of the environmental issues:

These environmental issues consider the external environment of an organisation that has a considerable bearing on the stakeholder environment. The world in the recent past has been a witness to various large-scale disasters that posed huge risk to human life and global wealth. The windstorms and floods in Europe and Asia, the ice-storms in Canada, floods in Indonesia, Ebola outbreak in Africa all have a great bearing on human existence on Earth. However, the forces that are shaping the changes are manifold in nature (, 2014).

The anomalies in weather, for example, are increasingly intensifying; the density of population in prime urban centres with the acute conglomeration of economic activity is rising and making these regions more vulnerable to the impact of the weather change.

Jordan (2010) opines that globalisation of all sorts-economic, technological, cultural and environmental is increasing at a rapid pace and the increase in the interdependence has made it even easier for the origin and eventual spread of deadly pathogens, pollutants, etc all leading to technical failure and adversely affecting human existence.

Whenever a disaster occurs in a nation or in any particular region, there is a complete breakdown of the rhythmic flow of life. The recent cyclones and the flood that occurred in 2013 have affected Indonesia a hub of many pharmaceutical companies hugely (, 2014).

The water resulting from the flood that in turn was the result of global warming entered the go downs of the pharmacies. It thereby destroyed all the storage of drugs, medicines and costly chemicals of the drug houses and thereby affected the business as well as the social life in Essay Writing . The hospitals were affected and could not deliver the required treatment to the patients.

The sector that is the most affected due to the weather changes is the agricultural sector. The huge anomalies in the weather conditions lead to poor yields per acre (Markstrom and Charley, 2006). Poor rainfall or the excess of it results in the poor harvest. The most affected continent is Africa that depends mostly on agriculture to run the economy.

The multinational organisations or other large companies have many complex systems and processes that affect the environment (Markstrom and Charley, 2006). Instead of focussing solely on profit maximisation, the organisations should take the protection of their natural environment as a serious concern. The customers in the modern times have also become increasingly aware of the environmental issues that are the result of the industrial processes.

According to Kecsk\’es (2014), this makes the organisations bear the task and the huge responsibility of demonstrating the public of their social responsibility through the various activities they undertake. With each passing day, the environment is getting polluted globally due to the wastes created by the organizations through their functioning. This again is posing a huge threat to human existence. These wastes and other harsh releases of the industries are leading to huge anomalies in the weather and resulting in climate change that is challenging sustainable human existence.

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The environment is thus posting several threats and challenges to the business environment of Essay Writing that hampers the proper functioning of the particular firms and in turn, affects social life. The intense functioning of the industries and the by-products of their processes is taking a toll on human life and is destroying the ecological balance. The earth is at stake due to all these processes. The world is losing its biodiversity and the basic ecological balance at a rapid pace that is alarming enough to sustain human life and development in the society. The issue of health is alarming enough to take the protection of the environment seriously. It is a huge responsibility on the part of the government as well as the business firms to collaborate with each other, take drastic steps towards restoring the ecological balance and contribute wisely towards protecting the global environment.