Entrepreneurship & Its Innovation To A Successful Start-Up By Bill Aulet

Introduction: Here in this assignment we will be concerned about the review of a book on Entrepreneurship & Its Innovation by Bill Aulet. Entrepreneur is a person who develops the model for a particular business. He is responsible for the success and failure of the business. Among the whole population, only few people possess the characteristics of Entrepreneur. The term can also be explained in different pattern like anyone who wants to rule himself or herself. That means that anyone who wants to start his or her own business. In this assignment, I will talk about Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 steps to a successful start-up by Bill Aulet. I will discuss how he has shown the successful steps for an Entrepreneur to start a new business.

Entrepreneurship & Its Innovation by Bill Aulet To A Successful Start-Up


Most of the people think that the power of entrepreneur cannot be taught by anyone. This is one kind of in build nature of a person. The book discusses about the various steps to establish as a successful entrepreneur and how to create successful start-up through great products (Aulet, 2013).

Bill Aulet is a senior lecturer in MIT Solan school of Management and he is a Managing director of Martin Trust Centre. Bill is one of the successful people and he has made a record of 25 year in business world. He invested around $100 million for his companies and made a huge profit in that year. He has launched many innovative programs like Energy Venture Class, MIT clean energy prize, Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program, Entrepreneurship Festival, Entrepreneurs’ walk for fame and global founder skills accelerator.

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