Effects Of Inefficient Verbal Handovers Between Nurses

Introduction: As opined by Polit & Beck (2012), careful observation and sincere commitment towards helping a patient recover from illness is the prime aspect for a nursing practitioner. However, there are situations when detrimental effects are evident due to inefficient working of nurses. Ineffective and mistaken verbal handovers between nurses is one such dimension. This assignment deals with the effects that the verbal handover patient reports from one nurse to another puts on the receiving nurses’ attitude towards patients.

Effects Of Inefficient Verbal Handovers Between Nurses

Problem statement

Since the attitude of the caregiver towards patient is of vital importance, any aspect or issue affecting the attitude is concerning (Mills et al. 2012). The handovers between nurses directs the patient care plan’s effectiveness that ultimately affects the patient health and recovery process. Hence, any discrepancy in the verbal handovers between nurses depicts a stark effect on care giving. Studies reveal that ineffective handovers from the former nurse has led to concerning adverse effects on patients’ health due to wrong treatments, delays, etc. Thus, Polit & Beck (2012) correctly pinpoint on the need to assess the effects to highlight the significance of the problem.

Rationale of study

The study based on the impacts that wrong information or absence of vital information in handovers can have on the patients’ health and safety due to the nurses’ attitude (affected by the handovers) towards patients brings out the possible and already witnessed hampering of patients’ health system (Watt et al. 2013).

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