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The studies of mathematics always try to establish the very subject as a science and it is always held as a science which is devoid of all social values (Lee, 2010) in Cultural Report. Mathematics brings to the fore certain complex equations of numbers, theorems and confusing texture of algebra. Until recently, nobody has ever thought it to be a pertinent chapter of human life. In a recent attempt made by D’Ambrosio (2009), a new term has come into existence. The term is Ethnomathematics. The very term gives birth to the idea that mathematics in a director in an implied way is severely related the daily course of life a human beings. Man uses to make extensive uses of mathematics when he is trying to solve his problems of life. Mathematical calculation is found in abundance in the case of man’s financial decision taking instances. Here in this report, I will try to establish a link between mathematics and my daily course of life. I will try to illuminate the cultural aspects of mathematics by explaining the role of mathematics in my planning an overseas trip with my family members.

Cultural Report

1.1 Outlining the Topic in Cultural Report:

Recently I have made a plan for an overseas trip to Paris with four of my family members. I have planned the trip for the last summer. As Paris is always a favourite holiday destination for me and my family members, we have decided to go there again. From Perth, the place where I live in Australia, I got direct flight to Paris. After conducting a survey on the available airlines options, I narrowed down to two of them. One is the Emirates Airlines and the other one is Webjet. After comparing the prices of their tickets, I have decided to go for Webjet as it would create a smaller hole in my pocket. Webjet was offering the lowest possible airfare of $1,716 for an individual travelling from Perth to Paris. After arriving at Paris, I have chosen Hotel France Louvre for staying over other available alternatives. I have made my preference fixed only after analysing that the hotel provides excellent staying comfort, state of the art luxurious facilities and mouth-watering foods at a comparatively lower price range. The other available staying options were too expensive for me. During our stay at Paris, we have planned to enjoy a city tour all around Paris. For this, we have shown our faith on France Tourism, as it provides excellently guided city tours at a very economical rate. While we have gone to booking our trip, the tourism organisation has even given us a special discount. It waived the fare of the kid of my family on the booking of four adults. The entire tour was quite enjoyable and the most interesting part of it is that it did not let me spend a huge amount of money.

1.2 Detailing the Mathematics Encompassed in the Topic:

In order to find out a connection between mathematics and my planned holiday to Paris, I have left no stone unturned. I thought it would be really difficult to establish a link between these two diverse elements. But surprisingly enough, I found that mathematics in present in every decision that I have made during my trip planning process. The financial plans and decisions which I have made during the trip planning process contain numerical calculations and comparative analysis which also happens to be a part of mathematics. Mathematics is there from the very beginning till the very end of my trip planning process. It starts with trip budget making decisions and ends with my final calculation of the total expenditure that I have made during the trip. Mathematics is something that remains everywhere in the path of a human being’s life (Eglash, 2007).

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1.3 Application and Analysis of the Mathematics in the Chosen the Topic:

The importance of mathematics is felt everywhere in a man’s life (www.merga.net.au, 2002). We used to see applications of mathematics in every walk of life. In every financial decision we use to make, we have to make use of mathematics. When I was formulating a budget for the proposed trip to Paris, I made mathematical analysis to find out which holiday destination would be more economically beneficial for me. As I found that Paris would be an ideal holiday destination for me, I have started involving myself in a financial planning to know how much money I needed to spend for conducting this trip. After calculating the total cost that trip would compel me to spend, I took the help of mathematical calculation to know the exact amount I would have to spend for each and every individual of my family. While selecting the best suitable airlines for us, I have made a financial comparison between the available airlines of Australia. A numerical comparison between the various airfares that the airlines organizations were offering at that time helped me to find out the most suitable airlines for us. Even after arriving at Paris, I conducted a mathematical survey among the prominent hotels of Paris, so that it could be easy for me to understand which hotel is providing quality services at the cheapest price range. When searching the most suitable travelling option for a city ride of Paris, I made a mathematical comparison between various alternatives. From the other side also, it can be said that the airlines organizations, the hoteliers and the travelling organizations has implemented their pricing strategies only after conducting a mathematical analysis of the ways in which they can provide quality services to their customers at the cheapest possible price and at the same time can make profits out of it. Mathematics helps everyone and every entity in taking proper monetary decisions (Bishop, 2008).

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Proper application of mathematics into the day to day life a human being always yields positive results. It will not be ideal to think in modern times that mathematics is devoid of social values. The cultural aspect of mathematics cannot be neglected. It encompasses the daily life of every individual and provides a definite solution to his problems.