CSE5NEF – Network Design Analysis Based On Organisation Size & Business

Introduction: In order to success in business, computer and information network are the critical parts. With the help of computer and information networks, administrative management can connect their entire staff and support the applications as well as services that provide by the company. Information network provides benefit to access the resources that helps in keeping the business continue and sustain the business (Abraham et al. 2011). This study deals with the network design analysis for a business organisation using packet tracer. The total budget of this project is sixty seven thousand five hundred-fourty dollars. The data communication network is design for the business organisation in order to perform well.

Network design analysis based on organisation size & business

Network Design Analysis based on organisation size and business

Objective of the network

Secure service – In terms of design a data communication network for business organisation, fist need to secure the information networks and computing service. This network is design physically and functionally that allows the people and employees as well as administrate\vie of the organisation securely. However, this network system minimises the risk of unauthorised authentication.

Versatile Information Process – This network design based on the peer-to-peer connection of e-commerce system that allows the users to stores data, share information over network and retrieve the information when needed (Storni, 2012). However, this design network supports in accessing the information of clients, check in and checkout facility, tracking, accounting and billing.

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