Critical Analysis Of Democracy With Its Role And Effects

The main objective of Analysis Of Democracy lies in the critical evaluation of empowerment evaluation being honoured to the individuals belonging to a society.

Introduction: The word, community is used to describe a group of individuals living in the same place and sharing some common characteristics, attitudes or interest. Community development is a process where the members of a particular place perform collective actions to solve certain common problems faced by the people. The practice of individuals such as civic leaders, activists, and various professionals to improve various conditions of the community to provide a healthy environment in all aspects is considered as a social work (Larson et al. 2013).

Critical Analysis Of Democracy With Its Role And Effects

The Community development practice seeks to give empowerment to a particular group of people in a society with the required skills that would influence the benefits of humanity with some common scheme of activities. The commitment of the group in supporting the people with the view of self-determination and participation to encourage equal opportunities in all spheres of life serves the recognition of the entire community of the mass of people.

Explanation of Democratic form of Community Development

The Community development theory deals with the setting of democratic principles within the society. The theory postulates that the capabilities of the existing systems will expand in the possible format of introducing democratic structure. The theory best fits with small, stable and generous community. The size of the community is not the real factor, how it affects the actual structure of the society where it is applied matters to the people in reality. There needs to be the employment of individual talents and intelligence that create great significance to the ultimate development of participation in improving the rationalistic ideals.

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