A Critical Analyses of a Published Research Paper

Introduction For Critical Analysis Of A Published Research Paper: Lives On Teachers

Academic sector is one of the most widely spread and expanding areas worldwide as we can see in Research Paper. The researchers are concentrating widely on discovering multiple measurable factors which influences the performances of this sector. Teachers are the builders of the fundamental thoughts within kids with a positive hope that the students will become a responsible citizen later on in his or her life. A teacher’s influence on a student maximum times stays for rest of his or her life discribed in Research Paper.  Teacher student relationships are the most cherished and the most influential relationships to build the very fundamental characteristics of a human being. Very good teacher student relationships often have the ability to change the life of a student completely in positive aspects of life. The basic growth of a nation depends on the basic educational fundamentals of that country. The building of a nation not only depends on the teachers but also depends on the proper orientation and structures of the educational institutes. This critical analysis will later on focus on the relationships of classroom environments, family back ground, learning systems, teacher’s psychological developments, teacher’s personal influential abilities and the personal factors of the students while studying in a broader aspects (Unknown, 2013).

Research Paper

Conceptualization of the Research

The study is totally concentrated on the very fundamental education section and the college level education sector. The main reasons on concentrating in these two sectors most because the very fundamental characters of a human being primarily build in the primary level education section and their characteristics get the final buildup and maturation comes in the college stage. In a study it has been seen that the structure of a classroom and controlled factors within it affects the goal oriented performance of a student. The goal orientation of a student is largely dependent on the learning environment of the classroom (Creswell, 2012). The three factors taken under consideration in this case are token economy, contingency contract and control. The main judgmental areas of this initiative were to judge the relationships between the learning goals and the performance goal with the productive achievement behavior. The other study in the same area stresses on the domain specified influences and the self-esteem of the students where the role of the scores earned in the examinations plays a major role (Flynn and Goldsmith, 2013). It is very important to assess the experience of a student especially in the fields of core subjects, teaching, learning disciplinary subjects and work experiences because this assessment will give a generalized idea about the mobility and the employability of the students and the international competitiveness enhancing capability(Unknown, 2013)It is very important to identify and asses the difficult portions of the curriculum contents, learning activities and the aptitude of the learning process and also important to identify and map the time-efforts spent by the students on the learning activities. To build up a good teacher student relationship which will be enchased later on the effectiveness of the learning. To build a good learning environment it is very much necessary to polishing the interpersonal skills of the teachers also because it has been experienced that the personal influences of the teachers are very much effective to change the life of a student in longer run. The psychological development of a teacher helps to build up long term relationships with his or her students and this psychological development has increased the learning environments of a classroom which has a direct effect on the learning process of the students (Goddard and Goddard, 2006).

The life of teachers is a motto to increase the pedagogical thinking within the teachers over the time. According to Barbara B. Levin the life of teacher indicates the quality of thinking on the various aspects of the learning, behavior, teaching, stabilization and to examine the personal influences on the students. The teachers’ influences on the students in side class and outside class life can be best found with the interaction of students in colleges and with the interactions with the parents. To judge in totality the interactions with the co-teachers and principals are also very important to get a perspective from the academic point of view.

The working environment here is very dynamic in nature due to the inclusions of the students from various different aspects. Their family aspect of the students defines their social thoughts and the viewpoints on life. This aspect does not counts while researching in the primary education section because at the very early stage of life in that age that kid does not haves that philosophy to judge the society but these are very influential while researching on the college level students. While working in the primary educational sector the considerable factors will be the anxiety, illness of the kids, fatigues within the kids and the moods of the kids (Bodkin et al., 2010). In the both areas the role of a teacher is very important to guide the futures of the nations in characteristics building.

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The Research Paper design

It has been seen in the earlier Research Paper  that the major portions of the researchers have concentrated on the experimental study and for mathematical representation they use the correlation methods. Some of the researchers adapted the experimental method for the data collection and for the analysis of the collected data they used the A two way analysis of variance (ANOVA) method (Jose-Maria et al. 2012). Many a critics have said that the selection of correlation analysis is not proper tools for these types of the Research Paper. The main reason they have given for a reason is that in case of experimental correlation the base of the framework is dependent on various assumptions and which are dynamic in nature. The variances in those variables cannot be judged once the data has been collected from a controlled environment. They also said that the controlled environment often does not gives the actual picture of the reality as for the purpose of the Research Paper the environment has been controlled by the external factors (Levin, 2001).

In recent times a few Research Paper have concentrated on non-experimental correlation design for these kinds of research. The researchers have said that the main advantage in selecting this method is that in this method there is a very little scope of manipulation exists. This method does not allow the multiple variance relationship, it only allows relation between single variables. The questions of this method are can be casual but the variables cannot be manipulated or the random allocation of the participants cannot be done (McMillan, 2012).

The best fit Research Paper design for these kinds of researches where the measuring variables are too many and the relations are complex and dynamics in nature can be a mixed of non-experimental correlation design and experimental design. The experimental design will be included open ended questions, transcripts, classroom observations, interviews, open interviews. The field note will also be considered as a valuable input for the judgment drawings. The non-experimental method will be more structured and it will be a closed one so that the variations within the judgmental variables will be low and easy to quantify (Levin, 2001).  In non-experimental study will be majorly done on the primary level educational areas because of the involvements of the kids. While designing the non-experimental questions the researcher in Research Paper  must not forget to calculate the influences of the uncontrollable factors like anxiety, illness, fatigue and the mood of the kids. The researchers must try to observe the behavioral changes of the respondents under various controlled conditions. The large experimental study can be done on the college students because the openness of the respondents. The college students have the ability to make or give an opinion on the even controversial topics. To understand the real effects of the teachers and the learning environments it is necessary to get into the deepest part. The open ended questions will extract the real facts but the problem rises in this case is that to extract the juice from the vast detailed information is too tough to handle (Parker, 2010). The detailed reports also shows that where there is a scope of development in case of curriculum contents, difficulties in studying and the time-effort required to understand the difficult sections. If also gives a picture about the teachers also but indirectly. It indirectly describes about the personal influences on the students and the psychological development required. Overall the family influences should be judged for both cases because the initial attitude and the values build from the family background and that have a lifelong cumulative effect (Punch, 2005).

The study must not concentrate on only one side it must consider the inside and the outside perspectives while developing the pedagogical practices and for this case the constant comparative analysis and pattern matching can be followed to measure the effectiveness of the relation. While analyzing the entire collected data the researchers must consider the field notes which was collected during the implementation level because that contains very valuable raw data this can be very costly to lose (Vanderstoep et al. 2009).

It has been seen over some studies that the role of the widely experienced teachers are sometimes overlooked but it has also been experienced that the schools basically trusts on them and sometimes principals offers them extra time slot for the interactions with the students because the schools thinks that the experiences can change the thought process of the students. The widely experienced teachers and the staffs are often included while they want to bring some reforms within the course of the study (Martin et al. 2009).

Research ethics

The analysis of teachers should be done silently on the students because it has been seen that sometimes some students and parents misleads the view intentionally. The result of the analysis should not be published publicly with the names if there are any needs to publish the results that should be done in an encrypted way. The results and the detailed findings should not be disclosed under any circumstances because these findings are very much related with the personality and the relation with the teacher and students.

Quality of the analysis

The Research Paper has framed to utilize the observation quality and the questions asked in the interview. The observations of the class rooms and the attitude of the classroom give a snapshot of the teachers influence on the students and the ambiance’s effect on the students. The interview includes structural and the open ended questions and from that the teacher’s relationship with the students and the influence factors comes out very easily. The validity of the collected data is very much credible because the data which came out for the final analysis are scanned and filtered through various proved methods and the collected transcripts are very much valid because those are collected through the experienced researchers of the Research Paper and due to the majorly non-experimental study type the collected data are interrelated and there remain no ambiguity (Levin and Barbara, 2001).

The implemented instruments in this study very reliable one because of their expertise and the experiences. There are some open ended one-to-one interviews are taken whose length was more than two three hours and some cases in primary education level the parents of the students are also examined. There are open ended interviews which were taken inside the teachers’ room to capture various aspects from the teachers’ point of view. There are interviews which has been taken in a created open forum and the participants was teachers and the students for the colleges and the teachers, kids and the parents of the kids to get a generalized view on the justifiable aspects (Marable et al. , 2007).The negative sides of this kind of research is as it is a mentioned in Research Paper long and time taking research to continue sometimes the data gets manipulated in the middle stage due to the length of the research, some of the students and teachers also after some time tried to skip the questions with biased answers. But as the quality of the data majorly very much reliable and due to that the outcome result on the teacher’s role and the influences on the students along with the environmental effects on the students are very much measurable. The study has a wide scope to expand in future. This kind of study must carry on because the outcomes of this study will help to redesign the courses to maintain the competitiveness of the studies (Punch, 2005).

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The quality on analyzing the findings will be very prominent if and only if the study can run through the external resources because sometimes the personal issues manipulates the data while collecting and recording it. The student interviews should not be stretched for longer time period and it should be open to express the views and experiences. The advantage of this interview due to its openness it will provide an in-depth view but the disadvantage will be that to identify the proper sampling will be difficult to draw in because interview itself is a rich work to carry on any manipulation or distortion will result a wrong view to project.

Research Limitations

The main limitation what will be faced that as there is a very little scope of analyzing the psychological factors of the students and parents and it’s quite impossible also as the sample size is too high and dynamic. The other limitation is that the teacher whom we are judging there is a very little scope to interact with him or her which itself a faulty decision. One aspect of off class room study will also need to be included to judge the affluences on students there.

Research Findings

The study concentrates on the increment of the life value of the teachers but to judge the life value of the teachers it’s very important to analyse the psychological aspects of the students, parents and the teachers. The main concern will be the reliability of these kinds of studies because the outcome will directly question on the ability of the teachers and it will be very unfair to pin point some of the very experienced and knowledgeable teachers. The other field of reliability issue will arise from the place of judgment. The influence of a teacher does not only close inside the class room it has an affect outside of classroom also. In some studies it has been seen that some teachers are very strict inside the classroom but very helpful and participative outside the classroom where students feels very comfortable with them.


The conclusion over the studies in academic sectors can be drawn like the way. The studies over the various time period has defined that the teacher’s influence on the students are the second most influential factor after the influences of his or her family environments. The academic Research Paper has a wide scope to identify and to develop various different aspects of the teacher student relationship, classroom environment and the factors affecting on students due to that. There are many variables will come in future but the main fundamentals should kept constant for any Research Paper in this field because the classroom environment and the relationship between the teacher and the students are the main factors which will decide the success or the failure of the system.