Interrelationship between collaboration, research and practice : Corporate Law Assignment

Research and Practice interrelationship in Corporate Law

This is an article on reflection on the interrelationship between collaboration, research and practice in Corporate Law.

Corporate Law Assignment

Background of the Corporate Law Subject matter:

The Corporate Law research was conducted on Parramatta City Council Community Profile. The population of this community is 184 622. The people of this community are mainly from non English speaking backgrounds. In the City of Parramatta, 21,092 were found who belong to low-income households. The subject matter of research was unpaid childcare and the role of early childhood educators in strengthening communities and families to nurture children’s development, learning, well-being and health in Corporate Law. This concentrates on the role of early childhood educators in promoting factors which are considered to protect children from abuse and neglect and reducing certain risks such as children’s challenging behaviour (Carlsen &Willis, 2007, p-564). This strengthening families approach includes a framework for early childhood practice. This program involves providing quality care and education through appropriate practice, developing reciprocal relationships with families, recognizing signs of abuse that may put children at risk, helping families to respond to children’s challenging behaviors, developing children’s and families’ strength and staying informed about professional responsibilities in Corporate Law.

Critical analysis of the early intervention to the practice of childhood activities:

My group’s intervention in the childhood activities was very effective in this context. We learned a lot of things at the time of our intervention to this practice. We ensured the relevance and meaningfulness of teaching in the cultural context. The project helped the children by providing appropriate education to them on their health development and correct manners. Our team concentrated on building a good relationship with the families so that sharing problems becomes easier for them. The families which are affected from childhood abuse were identified and were trained effectively so that they can be able in supporting their children who are at risk. Some children have behavioral challenges. They behave in an unexpected way and show sudden outbursts of emotions (Brown, 2006, p-123-126). A friendly relationship with the children helped us to realize their challenges. We guided the children successfully making them able to deal with their problems.

Personal contribution to the study

As an active member of my group I made effective contribution. Our group was divided on the basis of responsibility. Each of the group members was given some tasks which they were to fulfill. My task was to give lessons to the children who were identified as behaviorally challenged children. The lectures of the professors informed me that such students are introvert in nature and do not discuss problems with anyone. I was successful in befriending them. Most of them shared about their difficulties and problems but some of them continued to be restricted. After the identification of their problems, I tried to approach each of them in different ways as per their problems.

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Group contribution with my personal experience:

Each of the group members successfully contributed to the project. Their activities include identifying the children with challenging behaviors, the children who face abusive behaviors, meeting the families of affected children and train them to respond their children. The group members also helped me to carry out my activity. Their logical thinking and support made me able to guide the children successfully. Sometimes they also asked for my assistance to carry out their activities. I helped them to a large extent.

Reflection on collaborative process and benefits of study

Working in a group benefitted me in many ways. It was not possible for a single person to carry out the research work successfully. The study benefitted me by making my communication skills stronger. Earlier I used to hesitate to start a conversation with strangers. The study required effective communication with the people of the City of Parramatta. So, this research work helped me to overcome my hesitations. In order to be a successful professional, one’s communication skills are needed to be strong (Chu, Ritter & Al-Hawamdeh, 2010, p-345-349). This is the primary criteria. The way this study and collaboration with a group helped me is unforgettable.

Challenges faced

In order to carry out the project, our group faced my challenges. We were successful in overcoming most of the difficulties. The individual contribution of each of the group members made this possible. The first challenge our group faced was language problem. As, the people of the Parramatta City were not fluent in speaking English, it was very difficult for us to communicate with them effectively. In order to overcome this difficulty, some of the group members who had knowledge about their languages helped a lot. We were successful to find some of the members of the community who can speak English. Our communication was conducted with the help of those members and friends.

Ares of improvement

The study revealed that there are many areas which can be improved. Policy makers and advocates can work together with schools and districts in order to establish facility agreements which will allow playgrounds and recreation centres to be created. These can be used by the residents of the community when the schools are closed. In order to help the children, the local government and the officials of school can enter into cost sharing agreements. The local policy makers need to work collaboratively with the community members in order to activate alternative policing strategies.


This study helped me to understand the effectiveness of collaboration. I have understood the advantages and disadvantages of collaboration process. A complex study requires contributions of many people. At the same time, while working in a group the opinion of every group member should be valued. If a particular opinion is not appropriate according to the most of the group members, the member with that opinion needs to be convinced. Besides the help of the group and the community members, the online discussions, teachers helped to sort out many difficult issues which were initially beyond our understanding. I believe that the study will help me when I will be working as a professional.

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