1. Introduction:

Recently apple has launched iPhone 6 in more than 30 countries. Apple innovated its small and bar phones into large and smart phones. Apart from that, the company that is giving competition to android smart phone adopts iOS (Mulyanegara, 2011). This study is based on the marketing strategy that might help for entering new product in frame and boundary of the Australian market. Major competitors of the Apple iPhone 6 are Samsung galaxy S5, LG G3, Google Nexus 5 and HTC one M8. The supplier imports the iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus from USA and sells it to Australia market.

Case Study

2. Situation analysis:

2.1 Market analysis:

After launching both the Apple’s iPhone Apple has sold 10 million iPhone in first three days. In the market, many operating systems give direct competition to the iOS are Windows, Android and improving their functions side by side. The author will import it from USA because it will be cost effective. It decrease transport cost (Melbourne.vic.gov.au, 2014).

As primary research it has been found that, most of the customers are willing to buy both  the due to its quality and brand image.

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