Case Study On Patient Of Bipolar Disorder

Introduction: The current assignment deals with the case of Melinda, a patient of bipolar disorder. This study presents the suitable physical considerations for prescribing the right amount of Lithium dosage for her. As per her health status and complications evident in case study the possible adverse effect and their management measures are provided. It also gives insights on the possible effectiveness of the therapy for her.

Case Study On Patient Of Bipolar Disorder

Physical health considerations associated with Lithium administration for treating bipolar disorder:

Lithium (Lithium Carbonate) is considered as the first line treatment for bipolar disorder. However, Healy & David (2011) emphasise that certain individuals show intolerance to Lithium. This needs to monitor in the initiation of dose to patient. Other health conditions that are essential to consider before prescribing Lithium dose to a bipolar disorder patient are presence of renal or cardiovascular disease. Other considerations include dehydration, sodium depletion and intake of diuretics. These physical considerations increase the risk of Lithium toxicity in the patients’ body. Since Lithium decrease Sodium re-absorption by renal tubules, it poses the threat of extreme sodium depletion in patients already suffering from low sodium level in them (, 2014). Since Melinda has undergone ectopic pregnancy before, her physical status needs to consider before fixing the Lithium dosage. Further pregnancy in her case may pose a high risk of congenital heart diseases in the infant, or Ebstein’s anomaly.

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