Impact Of Brand Loyalty Of Apple INC and It’s Market Position

Introduction: This report has based on the brand loyalty of Apple Inc. and critically evaluated its market position in the competitive age. As per study, the company has gained its market by reflecting its innovative products and able to make brand loyalty on customer’s mind. In the previous study, the market strategy of the company, its current position, brand nature has properly analysed (Baran, 2010). Therefore, in this report, the researcher wants to analyse and investigate the reason behind success of the company in current situation of market. Through application of different theories of brand loyalty, the achievement and failure of the marketing strategy of this multinational company has properly evaluated by the researcher.

Brand Loyalty Of Apple INC

Literature review

In the literature review chapter, different theories and models has analysed to discussed and investigate the marketing strategy of brand loyalty. Therefore, literature review has considered as an academic paper because in this section, the researcher try to evaluate critically all the elements that discussed in the topic.

As the report analysed the brand loyalty of Apple Inc.

Therefore, behavioural theory of brand loyalty has chosen to evaluate critically the market position of the company (Bloemer & Kasper, 2006).

Application of behavioural theory of brand

Behavioural- Evaluative Brand Loyalty Theory

The behavioural theory reflected the perception of customer and their attitude towards the branded product. It noticed by Cahill (2007) that the brand loyalty defined by frequency of consumers’ purchasing decision. According to Bearden & Teel (2007), the product of the company only can gain its brand value after its huge demand in the market.

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