Research Proposal and Literature Review On BHP Billiton

Summary: ICT sustainability comprises the application of information and communication technology in the context of environmental sustainability. In the modern world information and communication technology are continuously affecting and hampering the bio diversity of the surroundings. As the ICT of the different global organisation is changing their ICT infrastructure in very frequent manner all the changes are creating a negative impact on the society continuously. Here  this study deals with Research Proposal and Literature Review On BHP Billiton.

It becomes very tough for the global environment to sustain for the long time. In this report it has been illustrated that how the big petroleum and mining MNC named BHP Billiton implement effective sustainable development programs in their activities in order to help the global environment to remain healthy and green for longer period time in future .

Research Proposal and Literature Review On BHP Billiton

Aims and goals of the Report

The main goals and aims to write the report is to illustrate how the modern market leaders are effectively maintaining the their asset management programme throughout the organisation in order to decrease the energy consumption and save all the conventional source of energy like coal, water to make a healthy and green world for the future. The report is also containing the detail activity list of the company that they are implementing in their manufacturing, transporting and operational process to create sustainable growth of environment in the current ecology along with their waste management techniques, energy audits and raw material recycle management system [1].

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