Question Research Tool – MNG93217 Industry Research Project Part A

Assessment item 1 – Research Tool

Due: Monday of Week 2, 9 am AEST
Length: Use template provided (see below)
Conditions: Individual
Weighting: 20%

Based on the foundational work completed in MNG93217 Industry
Research Project Part A, you are required to present your research tool (i.e.
a survey with questions, interview questions etc.) using the template below.
Please note that you should be able to copy and paste all responses from
your final assessment (research proposal presentation) in MNG93217
Industry Research Project Part A except for the section ‘Research Tools’.
Therefore, you will primarily be assessed on the validity of your research
This assessment is to be submitted through Turnitin.

MNG93217 Industry Research Project Part A, you are required to present your research tool

Report title What is your report’s title?
Industry partner Who is your industry partner? – 1 sentence
Note: You do not need to mention the organisation’s
name if you want to keep it confidential, just provide
an overview of the organisation’s background
(industry, number of employees, your connection to
the organisation – if any, etc.)

Overarching problem What specific problem does your industry partner
a face that you will investigate in your research project
– 1-2 sentences
Why is it important to solve this problem? – 1

Overarching research aim What does your research aim to achieve – 1 sentence

(This project aims to…)

Research questions(s) Based on the overarching research aim, what research question(s) will guide your research? – list research questions  Relevant research literature Briefly explain which academic literature/theories inform your research (e.g. social exchange theory, strategic human resource management, tourism destination marketing literature, etc.) and provide the most important references – use keywords and bullet points

Research design Describe your research design (qualitative/quantitative/mixed; stages;
variables/constructs tested) – 1 to 2 sentences Sample What is your sample? 1- 2 sentences Research Tool(s) Please provide a detailed description of your research tool.
If you are undertaking a qualitative study, please
provide all your interview questions / all questions of
your qualitative/descriptive survey.
If you are undertaking a quantitative study (survey),
• Include all survey questions
Reference(s) of pre-validated instruments you
are using
• Note: We expect you to use pre-validated
tools (as opposed to developing your own
survey questions), which will lead to valid
If you are undertaking a qualitative study based on
secondary data only, please list all documents you
will analyze (include links where possible). Please
also, justify why these documents are the most
appropriate sources for your study.
If none of these instructions fits your research
design, please contact your unit facilitator as soon as

Ethical considerations Please comment on any ethical considerations. 1 – 2