The purpose of Assessment is to understand the concept of ‘analysis’ and how to learn to analyse information efficiently and effectively.

According to Rosenwaser and Stephen (2009, p. 4), an analysis is:

More than just a set of skills, an analysis is a frame of mind, an attitude toward experience. It is a form of detective work that typically pursues something puzzling, something you are seeking to understand rather than something you are already sure you have the answers to. An analysis finds questions where there seemed not to be any, and it makes connections that might not have been evident at first.


Assessment Task

Recent program improvement efforts in graduate business education have begun to focus on initiatives designed to promote student teamwork and cohort development. The increased use of cooperative learning is consistent with changing organisational realities that increasingly require employees to work in teams.

Anecdotal reports, however, from student cohorts suggest that a number are dissatisfied with teamwork for a variety of reasons. These include: frustration over cooperative structures; work takes longer than individual assignments; greater demands on schedules; and the burden of helping marginal performers.

The newly appointed Director of the Executive MBA (EMBA) program at XYZ University, concerned about these anecdotal reports, has asked you to provide an analysis of team-based activities in educational programs.

Please follow these guidelines to complete the assessment:

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