GBM909 Work Integrated Learning Assignment : Sustainability In Heritage Hotels

Unit Learning Outcomes For GBM909 Work Integrated Learning Assignment.
Upon completion of this unit, students should be able to demonstrate, in the appropriate context, the ability to:
a) Investigate global industry’s requirements for employment & selection process.
b) Critically reflect upon key performance competencies for success in the global business
c) Generate a professional network for career development and advancement.
d) Critically analyse employability trends in a global context.
e) Evaluate the financial drivers influencing business decision making.
f) Critically evaluate the operations of a global business organisation from a management
g) Evaluate, implement and justify strategies for personal and professional action planning.
h) Apply analytical and research skills in the execution of projects and tasks.
i) Critically reflect upon the application of established theories learned in other subjects to the workplace.
j) Critically reflect upon experiences within a global business.
k) Contribute to the organisational workplace through appropriate responses to projects and/or tasks as a constructive member of a team.

GBM909 Work Integrated Learning Assignment

Students must have completed GBM914 Research Methods or MHC607 Business
Research Methods prior to undertaking this subject.

Research Project
The overriding objective of completing a research-driven ‘consultancy’ project is to allow
you to evaluate and experience both the theory and practice of research within the wider
organizational management context. Secondly, it provides you with the ability to discuss issues affecting the contemporary workplace, and provide suitable and effective recommendations. Additionally, it gives you the student an opportunity to demonstrate the core attributes of written communication, information literacy, logic and critical analysis.

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Your task is to undertake a small-scale ‘consultancy’ project for a company of your choosing.The project can either be suggested by yourself and approved by the company, or given to you by the company to complete. You need to demonstrate research skills and formulate a well-written, academically rigorous project, apply research concepts, theories, and frameworks and explain each clearly with substantial support from secondary sources.

You may choose to conduct primary and/or secondary research to address a problem
or issue of investigation. If you choose to undertake primary research about humans
you will require university ethics clearance. If you choose to undertake primary
research about business processes, university ethics clearance is not required.

Your supervisor will assist guide you through the process, and hence we offer you this statement of supervisory expectations and project requirements to assist in your journey:

Main Instructions to Scholars

1. Attend a prior project meeting/briefing with the Program Director and the GBM909 Work Integrated Learning Co-ordinator the term prior to commencing the project.
2. Consider what company you may like to complete your project with and how you will approach the project. For example, will you attempt to ‘sell a project idea’ to the company or will you approach the company and request they suggest a suitable project.
3. Attend an appointment with Career Development to discuss your project approach and intended company.
4. Attend an appointment with the GBM909 Work Integrated Learning Co-ordinator to confirm your project topic and company.
5. You must devote a minimum of 600 employment hours over two terms to the project.

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Ethics Clearance and Protocols – please discuss this process further with the GBM909 Work Integrated Learning Co-ordinator

1. Any research that involves humans, animals or genetically modified organisms requires approval from the relevant University Research Ethics Committee. You should familiarise yourself with ethics approvals you will need for your research as soon as possible as research must not commence until all relevant approvals have been obtained.

2. No primary research in relation to humans is to be undertaken without written ethics clearance from the University.

3. Primary research in relation to business processes does not require ethics approval. You must discuss WITH THE GBM909 Work Integrated Learning CO-ORDINATOR WHETHER OR NOT YOUR PROJECT REQUIRES ETHICS APPROVAL. DO NOT ASSUME!

4. Ethics clearance and associated applications are dependent upon how much risk is involved with your research. Low-risk research usually is given clearance to proceed quickly, whereas higher-risk research may take longer to be granted clearance. The risk levels are classified as follows:
Low-Risk Expedited 1 Protocols Engage participants only in activities that they would encounter in normal everyday life
Low-Risk Expedited 2 Protocols Engage participants who are fully competent and not vulnerable in research settings that are relatively benign – not what the participants would encounter in everyday life.
High-Risk Protocols (Full Review) Engage participants who are in some way vulnerable or research settings that are particularly unusual or uncomfortable.

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