Question UNCC300 – How To Create Posters For Given Task

Question UNCC300 – How To Create Posters For Given Task.

This guide will explain the ways in which you can create your poster for UNCC300 Assessment Task 1. When you have completed the task, you must upload your assignment to your LEO unit. If you need assistance with uploading your assignment to LEO, please check the Turnitin Submission Guides in the Assessment section of your unit. Check your unit outline for more information on this task.

Submission requirements

• Your poster is to be one side of an A3 page (297mm x 420mm) landscape or portrait.

• Your assignment must be a digital file, submitted to your LEO unit Assignment 1 dropbox.

• You do not have to print your poster.

Presentation tips

In your unit resources is a poster template that you can follow. You can modify this template as you wish, but you should try to consider the look and layout of information you present, so that it would make sense to anyone unfamiliar with your task. In communicating your ideas, consider the flow of information on the page and how images you use relate to the main points you are trying to make.

• For flow, present your poster so it reads from top left to bottom right.

• Ensure the contrast between the text and background make it easy to read.


• Make sure you use correct attributions to reference images used in the poster.

• For best quality images, do not enlarge them after you insert them in the page.


• Place the title at the top of the page, taking up most of the width of the page.

• Main text can be broken up into multiple columns and sections.

• Ensure each section has an appropriate heading that summarises the section.

• Use plainly readable fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri.

• Use the following font sizes: poster heading: 48-60pt (title) / 24-28pt (name), section headings: 20pt, body text: 12-14pt, references: min 10pt.

Question UNCC300 – How To Create Posters For Given Task.

Technical requirements of your submission

• Text must be readable, e.g. text boxes or text objects on the page (no images of text).

• Clip art, arrows, or any other static graphics created in your chosen application are fine.

• Must be a digital file that can be read by Turnitin (any common Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or OpenOffice equivalent).