Question SISFFIT014 – Exercise For Specific Groups V2 Final

Student Assessment Tasks : SISFFIT014 – Exercise For Specific Groups V2 Final

This assessment is to be completed after reviewing resources from Topic 10 – Exercise Instruction for Specific Groups.

Students are required to address all questions in this assessment task.

The following assessment requires you to design, instruct and evaluate a program based on the scenario below.

Scenario: SISFFIT014 – Exercise For Specific Groups V2 Final

Tony (66 years old) and Gloria (65 years old) have been married for 39 years. For their 40th wedding anniversary next year they’ve planned to take a holiday around Europe and South America for 3 months. They’ve both been members at the local leisure centre for over 10 years, mostly using the pool twice a week to maintain a reasonable level of fitness. They have sporadically used some basic equipment at the leisure centre’s gym, but have never had a structured program to follow. They have both now requested a gym program that they can do together to put them in good health for the trip, improve their strength and fitness and minimise the risk of falls when they’re sightseeing on uneven ground.

Both Tony and Gloria have similar fitness levels and currently have no medical conditions, illnesses or other health risk factors that would place limitations on their ability to exercise. They can exercise in the gym up to 3 times a week for 60 minutes each session.

Part A

1.Usingtheprogramcardtemplateincludedinthisassessment,designanappropriate exercise program that TonyandGloriacancompletetogether in their own time when they visit the gym.

Ensure that you

a. Include an appropriate warm up,listing specific stretches

b. Include an appropriate cool down,listing specific stretches

c. Include a variety of cardiovascular and resistance exercises

d. Complete all details on the program card thoroughly

e. Follow the principles of programming such as:

• The F.I.T.T principle

• Order of exercise

• type of exercise

• programming variables(sets,reps,rest,intensity,speed of movement etc.)

f. Use the‘ additional information’ section at the bottom of the card to list any other information relevant to the client to assist with in jury prevention (such frequency of sessions, provision for rest days and other physical activities).

2. Have 2 friends, family members or classmates play the role of Tony and Gloria and conduct a 30-minute program show,instructing the clients through the program you have designed.

As part of the program show you must

a. Al locate equipment,making sure it is available in safe working order prior to the session

b. Introduce and explain the safety considerations of the exercise

c. Demonstrate exercises with correct technique when teaching exercises

d.Provide clear and accurate instruction and use appropriate communication to account for any language barriers and to encourage and support the client

e.Monitor the client’s performance,recognise and address any poor technique or in tolerances

f. Progress or regress the exercises as required,based on the client’s fitness level and ability

g. Ask the client for feedback to confirm their understanding and utilize RPE to gauge intensity

h.Determine and record the correct weight for each individual client to match the intended intensity

i. Respond appropriately to any client questions

j. Record all programming variables,instructions or modifications to the original plan on the program card (for both clients)

3. Provide an outline of how and when you would monitor,review and evaluate Tony and Gloria’s exercise program over the next 12 months to ensure they are meeting their health and fitness goals within their intended time frames