Question SISFFIT003 – Older Adult Fitness Programs

Student Assessment Tasks : SISFFIT003 – Older Adult Fitness Programs

This assessment is to be completed after reviewing resources from Topic 10 – Exercise Instruction for Specific Groups.

Students are required to address all questions in this assessment task.

Part A

1. Read the case study ( SISFFIT003 – Older Adult Fitness Programs) profile of the client below.

Fitness case study

2. Complete Stages 1 and 2 of the Fitness Australia Pre-exercise Screening Tool to identify the risk level of the client in the case study.

Complete the following based on your findings

image 1

3. Using the program card template included in this assessment, design an appropriate circuit exercise program that Samina can complete on her own when she visits the gym.

Ensure that you

a. Include an appropriate warm up, listing specific stretches b. Include an appropriate cool down, listing specific stretches c. Include a variety of cardiovascular and resistance exercises d. Complete all details on the program card thoroughly

e. Follow the principles of programming such as

•  the F.I.T.T principle

•  order of exercise

•  type of exercise

•  programming variables (sets, reps, rest, intensity, speed of movement etc)

f. Use the ‘additional information’ section at the bottom of the card to list any other information relevant to the client such as injury prevention.

4. What session frequency would you recommend for Samina? Explain your answer:

5. Given the cultural practices that Samina has to adhere to when exercising, what advice would you give her about how to exercise safely in a comfortable environment (eg hydration, rest periods, time of day to train)?

6. Based on the information in Samina’s profile, identify something that may act as a barrier, preventing her from adhering to the exercise program. Provide examples of how you would help Samina to overcome the barriers: