Question SCW952 – Academic Writing Final Proposal MBA

Question SCW952 – Academic Writing Final Proposal MBA.
The proposal should include a convincing introduction to clear research problem, related research objectives, doable research questions, and hypotheses.

You are required to write a research proposal that includes

  • a review of the current understanding of the topic,
  • clearly stated objectives, research questions, and hypotheses.
  • a description of the research methods in the collection of data, and
  • a discussion of how your research will contribute to the field of study
Research Proposal Title 5  
Research Proposal Abstract 

–          Purpose

–          -Design/methodology/approach

–          -Findings

–          -Practical Implications

–          -Originality/Value

Brief Introduction

–          Describes the nature of the context and argument going for this topic

–          Introduce the subject area, set the context for the proposed study and highlight the relevance of this research within the broader subject area

–          You should indicate why your research question is important and

–          Why it is worthy of a dissertation-level inquiry.





Problem Statement

–          Identify the gaps, problems and issues unresolved by the literature.

–          What is the problem?

–           Is the problem of current interest?

–          Why is this question important and worth studying?

–          Why are you interested in the topic area?






Research Model (consists of selected variables to show interrelationship} 5  
Research Questions 10  
Research Objectives 10  
Hypothesis 10  
Significance of Research

–          How is this research important for managers and literature?



Relevance of selected variables to existing literature

–          Write literature review on each of variable

–          Summarizes concisely literature items (what, when, where, how).

–          -Avoids excessive use of direct quotes.




Research Methodology

–          Research design(Type of research, types of data needed)

–          Population

–          Sample Design

–          Data Collection

–          Data Analysis




Writing Qualities

–          Writing is clear and concise.

–          Subheadings used to clarify organization.

–          Length appropriate – no more than 2000 words.

–          Writing is in active voice, present verb tense as much as possible

–          – Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are correct.







–          In-text references

–          Harvard referencing format is followed for writing, citations, and bibliography.

–          From professional business journals, periodicals, scholarly articles that are not more than 3 years old.





which part did you find the

–          most difficult

–          most comfortable to write




TOTAL 115  

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