Question Reflection Essay (4Ps) – RELOOK, REFLECT, COMMENT,CRITICISE

Question Reflection Essay(4Ps) – RELOOK, REFLECT, COMMENT,CRITICISE.
From doing this assignment what have I learnt and have I identify that in my entire assignment that I’ve written for 9 pages, do you think that there are certain areas that I should improve.  Be critical to criticize, comment and provide critic on the assignment attached.

In other words, After I’ve completed the report from start till “Control”, I must sit back and RELOOK at my Plan on what I have done.  REFLECT the Plan on what I have learnt – Positive and Negative.  Write what’s wrong with my assignment, CRITICISE.  (Professor’s has given me an example :  I may not do well for example on the 4Ps because I am not given more time to do Research).  Elaborate areas need to improve.


Lim Sister Travels (LST) will commence its business from June’2017 and intends to offer group and individual tours to leisure customers in Bukit Timah, Newton, Tanglin and Southwest neighbourhoods of Singapore (Krisana, 2013). Our company intends to target these areasas the people in this area are of premium class, and where the rich neighbourhoods owned landed property and exclusive condominiums.

Also, several well-heeled Singaporeans and expatriates reside in these areas. The staffs of LST areSylvia, Gillian and Jolene. Along with all three being MBAs, they are zealous about the various activities LST will offer. The employees of LST will be experienced professionals from travel-industry who will be ardentfor the activities LST will offer and promote.

Our company will offer various packages for Macau and Hong Kong. It will offer special trips to ocean parks, adventure trips, and special casinos as per the customers’ requirement. It will include tours to Shenzhen and ZhuHai for all the types of customers. Lim Sister Travelswill provide the facility of booking the tours online through mobile apps and website so that the customers will have the option to customize the tour as per their requirement. In addition, it will offer several travel tips and tools for comparing price packages.

Further, Lim Sister travel will offer the customers the membership with them, under which the customers can avail various discounts and also they can customize their tours online without even visiting the Lim Sisters Travel’s office for bookings. Lim Sister Travelslooks for differentiating itself in Singapore as one of the leading travel company. Further, as the company grows, it will expand its business to related markets as well as services. The company will look for other leverage by forming relations with apt strategic allies.

Question Reflection Essay (4Ps) – RELOOK, REFLECT, COMMENT,CRITICISE

SWOT Analysis

The matrix of SWOT indicate an idea that by using strategies of an organization it should take efforts to balance the external threats and opportunities with the weakness and strengths of the company. The SWOT analysis is undertaken so as to understand the strengths and weakness of the company which can worked upon to face the external threat and explore the opportunities accordingly(Lindgreen, et al., 2014).