Question Pathogenesis – Pneumococcal Pneumonia With Severe Sepsis

Question Pathogenesis – Pneumococcal Pneumonia With Severe Sepsis.
Weighing: 35%

  • Each question states how much is each marks so please write the answers according to the expected marks.
  • The answers should only relate to the patient in the case study according to his Diagnosis and the test results provided.

Case Study – Acute Life Threatening Condition (Pathogenesis – Pneumococcal Pneumonia With Severe Sepsis.)

Q1. Need to just talk about the pathogenesis in relation to the clinical manifestations. It is 15 Marks, our tutor wants us to get to the point and talk about the patient’s Diagnosis: Pneumococcal pneumonia with severe sepsis everything needs to relate to the patient’s clinical situations.

Q2. Select a high priority nursing strategy and rational (please relate this according to Australian Nursing stands or practice. (5 Marks)

Q3. Critically analyse the arterial blood gas refer to the ABG results please. (10 Marks)

Q4. Academic writing style (5 Marks)

  • I do not need and a reference as it is only a short answer questions.
  • There is no word limits but, bear in mind I need to memorise this info and answer them in class in 45 minutes therefore the answer has to be straight to the point relating to the patient and maths with the marking criteria and the marks. Check marks as well.
  • I have highlighted all the important bits and added some notes too.
  • I have attached the case study and the marking criteria.
  • I have until Monday 26th march to complete this info please. Any questions email me.

Thank you in advance