Question NUR329 – Public Health Promotion Project Plan

Introduction :  NUR329 – Public Health Promotion Project Plan.
As you progress through your nursing career you will identify areas where more education or health promotion is required to change behaviours.  This assignment provides you with knowledge of the skills and processes used in preparing health education or health promotion resources.

Importantly it encourages you to identify that any form of health education or promotion should be designed to meet the needs of the target group and involve some form of community consultation to ascertain the need and acceptance of the health promotion.

Assignment Criteria

Choose a risk factor for one of the following health areas (this is recommended to align with Assignment 1, for example COPD- risk factor of smoking)

  • Oral disease
  • Dementia
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Injury
  • You may negotiate a different health area with the unit coordinator

Prepare a detailed and innovative health promotion project plan for your chosen risk factor for an Australian community (Indigenous or non-Indigenous). This needs to be your innovative idea, not reused from a current or past health promotion project.

This should be in the form of one of the following

  • Education on risk factor awareness and/or prevention
  • Risk factor /health area management

Your NUR329 – Public Health Promotion Project Plan should include the following

  1. A description of your specific target group and community (for example Teenagers in Darwin high schools or men (indigenous and non-indigenous) aged 50 years or above in Bendigo, nursing students at CDU). This contributes to making your health promotion innovative and focused
  2. An detailed outline of why this public health promotion is beneficial for your target group. For example how you anticipate it will improve health outcomes for the chosen target group/community
  3. A description of what your goals/ aims for your health promotion are and what the health promotion project is aiming to achieve (review the SMART mnemonic on page 215 of the set text Fleming & Parker, 2015 Introduction to Public Health, 3E)
  4. You should identify which of the Public Health Promotion Management Perspectives this falls into and briefly outline why it falls into this category (Public Health Promotion Management Perspectives are classified as primary, secondary or tertiary- to find out more about this refer to page 316 of the set text Fleming & Parker, 2015 Introduction to Public Health, 3E)
  5. Identify who the additional stakeholders will be for the project, and what community consultation will take place. Include specific information on who this health promotion project will need to include and why
  6. Describe a specific and original health message/ logo that you have developed to suit your health promotion (for example: Your smoking harms others or If you can play you can play).  Make sure this would be appropriate for your target group
  7. Provide a detailed outline of what the health promotion activity will entail and how you will promote this to the target group. Look at other health promotion activities for ideas such as the Breast Cancer Mother’s Day Classic Fun Run or the posters you see around the community.  Consider what sort of medium will work to get the message out to your target group newspaper, sports event, school visit, radio- what will work for your target audience)
  8. An outline of how you plan to evaluate the success of your health promotion.  Evaluation is an important step, research to find the best way to assess if your health promotion was successful in achieving its aims/goals.

This is not medical surgical nursing- it is health promotion aimed at the community level- so please do not focus on pathophysiology.

Any health statistics used for your assignment can be based on the overall Australian population (you may not find data for a specific suburb or target group).


  • Timely completion of study materials, you should have covered Topics 1-6 before commencing this assessment as information pertaining to the above criteria can be found in the learning materials
  • Review the NUR329 Assessment 2 YouTube, there is a link in Learnline or you can access the NUR329 YouTube channel here:
  • Visit the AIHW web site and set text (both Fleming & Parker’s 2015, Introduction to Public Health and AIHW, Australia’s Health 2016)
  • Conduct further research using library resources, there is a NUR329 libguide, see the link in the unit and review other websites and journal articles.
  • Please contact your unit coordinator if you are unsure of how to get started.

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