Question MGT202 Case Study On Knowledge Management at Ernst & Young (EY US)

Question MGT202 Case Study On Knowledge Management at Ernst & Young (EY US).
Mala Garg, Ernst & Young’s Chief Communications and Knowledge Officer, had just returned from the MAKE (Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises) awards having won the top award in the ‘learning organisation’ category. This was their eleventh consecutive

MAKE award. But this morning there were more pressing issues ahead. Paul Smith, Managing Partner of Ernst & Young Ireland was making a special trip to meet her on Friday to discuss the ongoing knowledge crisis involving an ageing work force that was having an adverse effect on their activities in Ireland. The ‘brain drain’ from the retirement of senior colleagues had become of strategic importance. Many retired colleagues had critical knowledge and expertise of certain aspects of the consultancy business that could not be found elsewhere. Was this purely the fault of careless succession planning or were there creative solutions to this problem?

Mala joined Ernst & Young as it was one of the ‘Big 5’ consulting firms with a presence in over 130 countries. However, consulting was a highly competitive market with the advent of globalization and the main tool of consultancy was adding value to client products and services in the form of knowledge and information. Knowledge management was critical to organisational survival in this industry where consultants primarily sold their knowledge and expertise.

Required Question MGT202 Case Study On Knowledge Management at Ernst & Young (EY US).

Question 1: Apply Huber’s Organisational Learning Framework to EY and discuss the organisational development of EY and EY’s renewal through learning and development.

Question 2: Examine the relationship between individual learning, team learning and organisational learning at EY.

Question 3: Critically evaluate manager’s role in developing a learning environment at EY.

Question 4: Discuss the business strategy and knowledge management strategy adopted by EY.

Question 5: What are potential ways forward to overcome the problem of an aging workforce at EY?