Question HLTEN514B – Undertake and Report Nursing Research

Question HLTEN514B – Undertake and Report Nursing Research.
For this assessment, you are required to undertake and document nursing research. You will develop a research proposal, plan and undertake nursing research, and write an analysis of the process.

Examples of topics you may consider

  • Bullying in nursing
  • Study stress
  • Nutrition
  • Smoking
  • Music during assessments/study
  • Exam pressure
  • Body image
  • Life as an international student
  • Study and family life

These are examples only. You need to design a research question and develop a tool that can be used to survey your fellow students.

The word limit for this assessment is 500-700 words.

1.The Research Question/Statement

  • What is the topic of your research?
  • How is your topic relevant to contemporary healthcare?

2.Literature Review

A literature review gives an overview of what has been said on a topic, what the theories/hypotheses are, what methodologies are being used, and how ideas are different or similar to your theories.

  • Conduct a literature review to develop a summary of existing research related to your topic (three journals must be researched and included in your bibliography. One of these journals must be attached to your submission with relevant paragraph/s highlighted in highlighter pen).

3. Methodology and Data Collection

  • Determine the methodology you have chosen for you research proposal
  • Identify your data collection method e.g interview/questionnaire
  • Attach (as an appendix) your research questions.
  • Describe the subjects of your research.
  • Ethics Approval

Research procedures must adhere to professional, legal and social obligations. Decide if your research proposal requires ethics approval.

  • Justify why/why not ethics approval is required.
  • Discuss how you obtained ethics approval.

Question HLTEN514B – Undertake and Report Nursing Research

Requirements for Submission

1. The assignment must be submitted electronically via Bright Space by Thursday 20th April, 2017 by 4pm

Your submitted file must be named using the following format: Your family name_student number_assessment task identifier e.g. Lanyon_10045623_Research Proposal

Any assignments not saved in this format will not be marked.

The student name and number must appear at the bottom of all submitted pages.

The assignment must also be submitted in hard copy to the Assignment box by Thursday 20thApril, 2017 at 4pm. Assignments must contain a cover sheet.

2. Any student who achieves a mark of <30% will not be eligible for a resubmit. For further information regarding failed assignments please refer to the Student Information Handbook 2017

3. Assignments marked RESUBMIT must be handed in within 2 weeks of the student receiving it back. The maximum mark for a resubmitted assignment is 50%. The original marked copy must be resubmitted with the revised version.

4. All reference and source materials must be accurately cited using APA referencing (a guide is available on the Holmesglen website → Learning Commons. Journal articles only may be used for this assessment. Referencing is only required for the literature review, and if material is sourced from other resources in the body of the assignment. Students require a minimum of 3 references for this assessment.

5. Plagiarism is not acceptable. The laws of copyright mean that you cannot copy, or cut and paste text from resource material. The assignment must be in your own words and must be referenced appropriately when you have taken your ideas from another source. Direct quotes must be kept to the absolute minimum and must be referenced appropriately.

6. Submitted assignments will be uploaded to Turnitin to ensure students have not breached Holmesglen policy on copyright, plagiarism and collusion.