Question HLTEN511B – Ethical Dilemma Essay

Question HLTEN511B – Ethical Dilemma Essay.
“with knowledge about their end of life choices, people stop worrying and get on with living their final days.  Denying folks the right to discuss Assisted Suicide and Safe Suicide is not only cruel, it is uncivilized.”

Using this statement you are required to write an argumentative essay.

For this argumentative essay you are required to discuss this statement and its significance to palliative care.  You must choose to argue either for or against the legislation of euthanasia in Australia.

You must include

  • An introduction covering:
  • What is an ethical dilemma?
  • Why euthanasia is an ethical dilemma in palliative care?
  • Which side you are arguing, either for or against the use of euthanasia in Australia
  • Brief relevant background information
  • The scope and direction of your paper (what specific areas will you cover)
  • The body of the assignment covering:
  • Ethical principles in palliative care in relation to euthanasia
  • Current research and best practice in relation to euthanasia
  • A conclusion including:
  • A logical ending, pulling together all parts of the essay

A conclusion should never

  • Just sum up
  • End with a long quote
  • Focus on minor points
  • Introduce new material

Question HLTEN511B – Ethical Dilemma Essay.

Tips for essay writing


  • Should alert the reader’s interest
  • Indicate the direction of the essay
  • Show how to interpret and approach the issue
  • Provide a context for the main issues
  • Indicate the focus of the essay
  • Indicate your point of view

Structure of an introduction

  • General statement about the topic
  • Beginning to focus onto the issues
  • Scope and direction


  • Purpose is to tie the topics in the body of the essay together and make comments about the meaning of it all.

Structure of a conclusion

  • Link to previous paragraph
  • Brief summary of issues covered
  • Recommendations/speculation on future action

Never use I or write in the first person in an essay.  Writing should be academic (ie no slang).