Question ENGG255 – Data Visualisation To Visualise A Data Set

Question ENGG255 – Data Visualisation To Visualise A Data Set

In this Assignment, you will utilise your knowledge in data visualisation to visualise a data set. You must provide a rigorous rationale for your design choices. You are free to use any gaphics or charting tool in Excel or Matlab. The data set is provided in below table. Your task is to design the best static visualisation that you believe effectively communicate the data and provide understandable information for readers.

You need to discuss your design as a short write-up (not more than 500 worlds). Please

1) You must only use the dataset given
2) Include title, axis labels or legends if necessary.
3) You can design as many graph as you think is necessary but avoid the information
4) Different visualisations, tells different stories, in your write-up you should clearly
mention what story you are trying to deliver also note which aspects of the data might
be obscured or down-played due to your visualisation design.
5) In your design, you should include (and clearly mention in your write-up) your choices
for visualisation type, size, color, scale, and other visualisation elements. How do these
decisions facilitate effective communication?

Question ENGG255 – Data Visualisation To Visualise A Data Set

Submission details

This is an individual assignment. Your completed assignment is due on Thursday 23/03/2017. Please avoid a late submission.

Submit a pdf file describing the visualisation and your design rationale and a copy of your
visualisation in a standard image file format (JPG/PNG) via iLearn.

Data set

Below data is the experimental results of and study performed after World War II to learn
which drug worked most effectively for which bacterial infection. Below table shows the
performance of the three most popular antibiotics on different bacteria. In below table:
The value of the table represent the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC), which is the
lowest concentration of an antimicrobial drug that will inhibit the visible growth of a
microorganism after overnight incubation. “gram staining” is a common technique used to
differentiate the reaction of the bacteria to germ staining.

The reaction of the bacteria to Gram staining is described by the co variate “gram staining”.
The Gram stain procedure distinguishes between Gram positive and Gram negative groups by coloring these cells red or violet