Question APPL942 – Ideas For Teaching EAP (Academic Communities)

Question APPL942 – Ideas For Teaching EAP (Academic Communities).
Summarise the main ideas of Hyland’s (2009) Academic Discourse.

Marking criteria

Marks will be awarded with regard to your ability to

  • identify the article being summarised appropriately using in-text referencing (APA style)
  • recognise the main ideas presented in the article
  • summarise the ideas accurately
  • consider the implications of the ideas for teaching EAP
  • express your ideas in appropriate academic language

(ie: structure an argument, use appropriate paragraphing, sentence structure, vocabulary & punctuation)

Note that you must keep a copy of each assignment as proof that it was completed and submitted, just in case the submitted assignment is misplaced or damaged.


If circumstances beyond your control mean that you will be unable to submit your assignments on time, you MUST consult with the convenor prior to the assignment deadline. If an extension is granted, the assignment must be submitted by this time. If you submit after a deadline without prior approval, your assignment will NOT be accepted and you will be given a 0 mark for that assignment. The time/date noted on your email submission will be treated as the submission time. If you live overseas, 12.00 midnight local time (not 12.00 midnight Sydney time) will be counted as the deadline.

Question APPL942 – Ideas For Teaching EAP (Academic Communities)

Assignment Submission

Assignments must be submitted via the iLearn website and through Turnitin. . Select the file on iLearn labelled Assessment. For each assignment, you will see two links. The first is a PDF outlining the assignment. The second allows you to submit it to Turnitin. Click on this and follow the prompts.

Please do NOT submit the assignment by email to the unit convenor unless specifically instructed to do so by the convenor.

APPL942 Assignment 1

For each assignment, you must

  • submit the assignment in Word or RTF format
  • fill in and include the cover sheet provided on the iLearn website
  • add a footer to each page of the assignment, with page number and “APPL942” clearly marked
  • type double-spaced

Assignments will not be accepted unless they are accompanied by the cover sheet and contain the footer.

Please submit assignments one time only unless specifically requested.

Return of Marked Assignments

Students’ marked assignments will, in general, be available within 3 to 5 weeks of submission. Please note that assignments cannot be accepted after the return of marked materials


Plagiarism is considered to be extremely serious by the Department and the University. Students who submit plagiarised material will most likely receive zero. All assignments are scanned on a database and compared with other assignments (past and present) and with content on the internet.

It is expected that you will be familiar with the universities’ policy before you begin work on the assignments.