Question – Essay Proposal And Annotated Indicative Bibliography

Introduction: Essay Proposal And Annotated Indicative Bibliography

Critical Theory Marx And Beyond

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Tips ( Question – Essay Proposal And Annotated Indicative Bibliography )

Focus on in your essay is to think about your area of study or where you already work or plan to work and how theory informs your practice. This is a bit tricky as what can happen is you’ll end up writing an essay about your practice rather than theory and the purpose of this unit is to learn about theories, not in isolation from practice, but the emphasis is on theory.

So for example within social work you could think about how particular areas of practice have been informed by theory; or what is the relationship between Marxism and social work; or how has feminist theory changed social work practice; or does postcolonial theory have a place in social work. Similarly in your areas of work if you’re a social science student you could ask the same questions in relation to your area of study or your planned area of work.

You can also look at “micro” theories, example attachment theory, but in doing this you need to position attachment theory within a broader theoretical perspective as we will discuss in workshops. In saying this I want to avoid you focusing on just describing attachment theory, or any micro theory, without thinking about broader theoretical perspectives.

Another area students might be interested in is gender-based violence and you can see how you would think about this in terms of theories within feminism that might tell us more about gender based violence. In this case for example then you can examine different theoretical positions that explain gender-based violence.