Question – Student’s Ability To Capture & Understand User Requirement

The Aim of this assignment is to test student’s ability to capture, develop and understand user requirements for an interface design project and develop those requirements into Objectives, Outputs and Targets.
Your project brief has been accepted by Senior Management and a design project has been formally commenced.

Your tasks are to

 1.      Update your project brief with full details of 
  • Objectives, Outputs and Targets,
  • Success Criteria.
2.      Write a Project Design Proposal that covers the following
  • Design aims;
  • Outline of the proposed design;
  • Proposed evaluation methods.
Your first task updates your initial project document. The update should now reflect the complete user requirements and your objectives, outputs and targets for the project. This update will probably not exceed two (2) pages.
The Project Design Proposal should outline firstly your design aims for the project and how they will meet the user requirements.

Question – Student’s Ability To Capture & Understand User Requirement


From the requirements, the student should also be able to develop the Success Criteria for the design. The assignment will also test the student’s ability to plan and develop a design that meets the user requirements and enhances the user experience.


Include your and subject details with your answer in an MS Word document. Your Project Design Proposal should NOT exceed three (3) pages, excluding references. You will need to reference all literature using the APA 6th edition referencing style.