Question 6109ENG – Construction Project Management For Luxury House – 2

Que 6109ENG – Construction Project Management For Luxury House – 2

What is required?

A 5,000 (approx.) words major assignment on the Construction Project Management for ‘Luxury House – 2 Construction (please see the assignment plan)’ in Gold Coast, Qld.

What should the assignment include?

  • A review of the provided plans.
  • An itemised list of the tasks required for constructing the building and its surroundings.
  • A work breakdown structure (WBS) for the proposed project.
  • A detailed estimate of the resources required for each activity (Labour, machinery, materials, supervision etc.). Allocate costs to each activity in the WBS.
  • A PDM diagram for the project (utilise both manual techniques and MS-Project software).
  • A time analysis for the project including ES, LS, Floats etc. Comment on these results.
  • A Gantt chart for the proposed project using Microsoft Project (or other software).
  • A resource analysis for the project and resource histograms. Consider areas where resources may be critical and comment on an approach to levelling the resources.
  • A detailed description on strategies to make the best use of resources.
  • A cost estimate for the project including all relevant costs (site establishment, materials, labour, overheads etc.)
  • A cash flow analysis for the project and a cash flow diagram.
  • Detail strategies to crash the network. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of this strategy?
  • A risk management plan for program delays due to weather and others, resource availability etc.

The assignment will be in the form of a professional report to the project manager (10% marks).

Que 6109ENG – Construction Project Management For Luxury House – 2

 What is this assignment worth?

Note: This is a group assignment (gr. of 4-5)plagiarism will not be tolerated.


Assume a site with levelled and completed earthwork.

Since you have received architectural plans only and not detailed structural, building services, equipment, civil plans etc, you may need to make some assumptions about quantities of materials etc. Also, you may not have an idea on material, labour costs etc.

You should undertake some research (e.g. Rawlingsons guide) to obtain approximate costs and specify activity durations to the best of your ability. You will not be penalised for not knowing exact costs and quantities; this is not the purpose of this assignment.