PSB100 Psychology Assessment – Curtin University Australia.

This assignment will assess your ability to read and interpret a chapter, to find relevant and recent literature on a topic, and link psychological theory to a real-life experience. It will also assess your ability to write concisely and reference appropriately.
PSB100 Psychology Assessment – Curtin University Australia.

PSB100 Psychology Assessment - Curtin University Australia.

General Instructions:
Formatting requirements:
A. Maximum of four (4) single-sided A4 pages for your answers.
B. Reference list does not count towards this limit.
C. 12-point, Calibri font.
D. Line spacing set to double (2.0) – see paragraph settings in Word
E. All margins must be 2.54cm in width.
F. Referencing format must be APA 7th edition (both in-text citations and reference list at the end of the document).
G. Sources of information should be from within the past 10 years (i.e., 2011-2021).
H. You are not required to include a contents page, cover page, or headings/subheadings.However, if you choose to, please ensure they are in the APA 7th edition style.
I. Do not write out the assignment question. Simply indicate that question you are answering by numbering your answers to each question (1, 2, 3, & 4).

Please note: We will stop marking/reading your answer if it exceeds the 4-page limit, so please ensure that your answers are within the 4 pages.

Submission requirements:
A. Please save as a Word document (.doc or .docx).
B. If you are a Mac user, please make sure the file suffix is set to visible.
C. This assignment will be marked and returned to you electronically via Turnitin Grade Mark. You will find the submission point in the ‘Assessments → A1: Written Assignment’ section of the Blackboard site for this unit.
D. You can submit as many drafts as you want to the A1: Written Assignment submission portal (and will receive an originality report for each submission), but the version of the assignment that is in this portal at 15:00 on the due date will be considered final and cannot be overwritten.
E. There is a separate submission portal for students with CAPs or extensions. This is to ensure that these students are still able to submit drafts of their assessment after the due date (15:00 8th October).
F. If you are having difficulties submitting your assignment, please email the correct version of the assignment to your Unit Coordinator: before the due date and time, and continue to try to upload the assignment.

PSB100 Psychology Assessment – Curtin University Australia.

PSB100 Psychology Assessment - Curtin University Australia.

Assessment 1- Written Assignment

Question One:
At approximately the seventh or eighth year of life, children begin integrating comparisons with others, such as their peers, into their self-concept. Their sense of how their abilities and situations compare to those around them become an important facet of their self-concept.

Does Gregory’s recollection in the chapter Shame fit with this understanding of childhood development? Which stage of Erikson’s psychosocial development theory would be most relevant to Gregory’s experience in the reading? Provide a relevant example from the chapter Shame for each of the above two questions, to support your answers.

Question Two:
While information regarding the hereditary influences on Gregory are limited in his recollection, he describes environmental influences that were relevant to his development. Specific environmental influences important to Gregory’s academic performance are evident in his story. Discuss the importance of two environmental influences on academic performance in children. Provide examples of each from Gregory’s recollection to support your answer.

Question Three:
Erikson’s psychosocial theory was written in the 1950s-1960 and some people may argue that it is outdated. However, the theory continues to influence our understanding of development. Find a recent research article (published 2011+) that applies Erikson’s theory. Provide a summary of the article and explain how the theory is relevant to our understanding of development in 2021.

Question Four:
Use the Library Catalogue or other databases to find a journal article (published 2015+) that reports on a piece of original research regarding a factor or factors related to self-esteem, self-concept, or identity, in adolescents. Summarise the study aims and explain, in your own words, the key findings of the study. Discuss how these findings related to self-esteem, self-concept, or identity might be applied in an everyday context for adolescent individuals? This discussion of the applications may be from the perspective of a psychologist or another health professional.

Note: for Question 4, an original research study will have Participants, Method, and Results sections. It involves the collection of some form of data. A review article, meta- analysis, or theoretical article is not appropriate for this question. Try to choose an article that you can make sense of, as you will need to paraphrase the aims and findings of the study as part of your answer.

English expression:
• No errors in grammar and English expression
• Excellent sentence/paragraph structure
• Assignment is written clearly and concisely

• You are required to use a minimum of two (2) sources of information to support your answer in each of questions 1 & 2.
• These sources do not include your unit textbook (Passer & Smith) or the chapter reference provided.
• Do not cite websites/web pages. These are not appropriate sources for this assessment.
• The wider you read, the greater your understanding of the concepts.This will assist you to demonstrate your understanding in your assignment answers.
• It is expected that you use information that has been published within the last 10 years to ensure the relevance of literature cited.

PSB100 Psychology Assessment – Curtin University Australia.

PSB100 Psychology Assessment - Curtin University Australia.

• Appropriate paraphrasing
• Correct in-text citations for material from published sources including the chapter provided
• Correct acknowledgement of direct quotes (use quotes sparingly)
• Reference list is complete and in APA 7th ed. format

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