PHL137 Philosophy Assignment-Macquarie University Sydney Australia

Instruction to students: This is an individual assignment.

Length: 1500-2000 words

Worth: 35%

Task: Read and respond as requested to the Scenario below

PHL137 Philosophy Assignment


Scenario – Public Response Research

Context Statement

Social tensions are rising in your local area, in response to recent clashes over whether celebrations should be held to mark Australia Day on January 26, in your area and more generally. You are employed by a local Councillor, Harriet Lee, who has been asked to chair a meeting of community groups to discuss the issue.

Your Task

You have been asked by Councillor Lee to analyse the arguments these groups are presenting in the leaflets they have been distributing, and provide her with a clear
understanding of their claims, and guidance on how it would be best to respond to
facilitate a constructive and respectful discussion.

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Resources : – You have been provided with a dossier of relevant material (the leaflets are below).

It contains:
• A copy of the ‘Change for our future’ leaflet
• A copy of ‘Pride in Australia’ leaflet
• A copy of recent polls cited in their arguments in support of their positions
• A collection of possibly useful material gathered by one of our junior
researchers ( Feel free to use other materials, if you wish, but this should be
enough to give you some relevant background – You should mainly be
focusing on the arguments contained in the leaflets).

What you need to provide: PHL137 Philosophy Assignment-Macquarie University Sydney Australia

Councillor Lee thinks this meeting may have significant consequences for the peace of the community, and wants as much supporting information as possible. What she really wants from you is to know what the strengths and weaknesses of each side’s arguments are. She is keen to know if there are any fallacious arguments or misleading rhetoric that she might point out to counter the claims made in the leaflets. She is also interested in their use of the surveys they cite. On the more positive side, she is looking to see if there is any common ground between the opposing sides, and whether there is any way she can encourage a constructive and respectful debate, to move forward as a community.
With all that in mind, then, here’s what you need to deliver to Councillor Lee:

• A standardization of the argument used in the ‘Change for our future’ leaflet.

• A standardization of the argument used in the ‘Pride in Australia’ leaflet.

• An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments, as you’ve standardized them. (approx. 600-850 words on each argument). You should consider the strength of the inferences, any fallacies, their use of the polls they cite and the authors’ use of language and rhetoric.

• A one page (approx. 300 word) “recommendation” briefing. What points should Councillor Lee emphasize in her response to the arguments? What points should she make the focus of her own positive response at the meeting? How can she best encourage a respectful and constructive debate?

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