Persuasive Writing

Persuasive Writing or better known as argumentative writing emphasizes on convincing others to be in favor of the values or beliefs discussed. In persuasive writing style, we endeavor to influence others to provide consent to our facts, share our beliefs and values acknowledge our arguments and agree to our conclusions, thereby favoring our style of thinking.

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However, it is important to know and follow certain significant elements in order to write a good and attractive persuasive writing essay. It is to be noted that such an essay needs to contain:

    • Certain established truths and recognized facts in order to support a specific argument appropriately


    • Clearing any doubts regarding certain pertinent values so that the audience can have a distinctive perspective regarding the topic


    • In persuasive writing it is significant to select, edit as well present the entire piece of work in a coherent order, thereby putting the values and facts in a sequential order as per its importance in order to attain a well-built argument


    • It also includes outlining and stating of relevant conclusions


    • In persuasive writing the piece of work needs to be effective enough in influencing the audience that concerned build up conclusions are authentic enough since it depends upon agreed facts as well as shared values


    • The piece of persuasive writing needs to be confident enough, thereby making sure that the persuasion can be communicated with the help of the writing


Having known the necessary elements to develop a suitable piece of persuasive writing, here are certain strategies put forward, which can enable you to work on an assignment based on persuasive writing

    • Step 1: Write down your questions in simple words of your own


    • Step 2: Consider the questions which the particular assignment pose


    • Step 3: Enlist the facts clearly


    • Step 4: Identify the “hot buttons” of the taken up issues


    • Step 5: Prepare a draft at the beginning


    • 5a) Maintain the format of an introductory paragraph to introduce the subject and point of view


    • 5b) Maintain a coherency by making appropriate paragraphs in the body of the work, write the entire work in active voice, refer to sources to show authentication, and stress on logical arguments


    • 5c) Sum up and conclude the argument


    • Step 6: Edit or modify the work so that there is a link established in the entire work


    • Step 7: Recheck the work after a gap of 2-3 days, thereby making sure whether it establishes the argument, persuasive enough and free of syntactical error